About Carly Christine


Things you need to know about the curious Carly Christine:

  1. You’ll rarely find her without an ice tea in hand and a book in her bag.
  2. The floors of her Brooklyn apartment will someday collapse due to the amount of books she owns. Thankfully her cats Hemingway and Fitzgerald don’t seem to mind.
  3. The top three things on her bucket list are to complete a life-size maze, travel the world, and interview Puddles the Clown.
  4. By day she works as a YouTube Trends Specialist (surprisingly it’s a real job!), by night she’s a freelance journalist who has been published in Psychology Today, Thrillist, Ms. Magazine, NBC, and more.
  5. Her greatest accomplishment is founding Voices — a story project that collects the testimonies of survivors of sexual assault and dating violence for educational and counseling material. She is honored to listen to each of these stories and firmly dedicated to making the world violence free.
  6. She inherited her dad’s nose, her mom’s smile, and her cats’ obsession with snuggling.
  7. Her list of phobias include styrafoam, clowns, circuses, big spiders, sassy snakes, wax dolls, and plastic food displays.
  8. “Clue” is her favorite movie. Ever. Followed closely by “Robin Hood Men In Tights” and “Young Frankenstein.”
  9. If you see someone wearing a super colorful outfit with some sort of animal graphic on it (cat, fox, panda, llama), it’s probably her.
  10. She is a forever optimist and hopeless romantic.
  11. Her favorite number is 11.


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