72 Hours in Nashville

^^ Let it be known that it was my mum’s request that we visit Nudie’s Bar! This dive bar did not disappoint with its live music, red ales, and tri tip quesadillas. ^^

Lately I’ve been trying to make more of a concerted effort to break from routine. To plan trips that take more than five minutes to organize and possibly involve a plane, train, automobile, and cat sitter. Sometimes life in the city can feel so unnecessarily draining and between running (literally!) errands around the city, working full-time, freelancing, and still trying to (kind of) be a social human being, I lose sight of planning trips in the future. Sometimes I just look at my bucket list and think… damn, this is a lot.

So when my parents asked if I wanted to join them during the first portion of their Tennessee adventure, I thought what better time to flex my new habit than now! We all met at the Nashville airport where I got to pick them up at their gate, and off we went to eat our body weight in BBQ-ed meats and hash brown casserole for the next 72 hours.

I’ve always been really curious about the lifestyle of Nashville after accidentally getting hooked on the soap opera-ish show “Nashville.” Turns out, much like “Sex and the City,” the show didn’t prepare me in any way for my visit — though it did teach me that you should never keep papers identifying the real father of your daughter in a box in your closet. And that Connie Britton is defying all the rules of aging.

During our first day, we ran all around the city, but not before consuming about 1700 calories at Cracker Barrel. I hate to admit it, but we ate there three times during our three day vacation because you cannot deny the deliciousness of those homemade biscuits. We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and then hopped on a bus to tour Studio B — the most famous recording studio in Nashville. If you have the time and the means, this tour is absolutely amazing.

I couldn’t help but get a little chill walking through the recording studios where Dolly Parton, Elvis, the Everly Brothers, and hundreds more made history. The studio is tiny and personal, and with each recording having been done live, the talent of these “A-list” musicians and country artists is so abundantly clear.

I’ve never been a huge country music lover. But listening to the works of so many aspiring and talented artists — not only at the museum but on Honky Tonk row — I love how the genre has become a melting pot of blue grass, jazz, gospel, rock, and even hints of pop. It’s such a fusion but still carries such old school messages of courtship, heartbreak, and love.

Also a lot of references to fishing which, having fished my entire life, is a very unromantic sport. I think of it like I think of building Ikea furniture, it will either make or break your relationship, but there is absolutely nothing in between.

^^ Downtown Nashville from the Cumberland River Bridge. ^^

After listening to an amazing rock band at Nudie’s and walking the couple downtown blocks, my family indulged me and visited author Ann Patchett’s bookstore. As a book nerd, this was the coolest! Patchett is not only phenomenal author (she wrote “Bel Canto” and “This is the Story of a Happy Marriage”) but believed so much in the communities that form around local, home run bookstores that she opened her own in the height of Barnes & Noble and Amazon taking over. It’s a really quiet, sweet place full of handwritten book recommendations, a shop dog, and has a calendar stock full of author events. Should this sound up your bibliophilic alley, I HIGHLY recommend it.

^^ My dad was taking in the beauty of the Jackson’s smokehouse. ^^

On our second and last day, we decided to ignore the humidity and head to the Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson’s house. In these situations, my dad has an especially good knack for giving me the giggles. The quieter the museum, usually the worst they get, and this trip was no exception. If only there hadn’t been a sign sharing all the things President Jackson was the first president to do (Ex. Get his photograph taken, ride a train) then maybe my dad and I wouldn’t have started a 45 minute joke marathon. That and finding out President Jackson preferred to be called General Jackson by his family. Just saying, Pop Pop Jackson rolls right off the tongue. Then we filled ourselves with brisket tacos before cleaning up for the Grand Ole Opry. There were six acts before Chris Young came on and moms from around the country starting throwing their bras on stage. My family and I were blown away by how good he was and endeared by his awkward stories and nervousness.

Despite its brevity, this trip was perfect. July was a bit of a rough one for me, and getting to take an adventure with my family in a new place left me lighter and more content. I mean not physically, obviously, I ate mac and cheese or a potato of some type with literally every single meal. I’ve since downloaded a bit of country music and am enjoying wading through the pools of love and devotion. It’s even inspired an article I’m pitching right now.

Nashville you were a blast, thank you for filling our ears with music and stomachs with all the delicious food. Until next time!

^^ On the way to the airport in, yes, Batman Detective comic book pants. HEYO! ^^

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