California Dreamin’

^^ This has been my favorite restaurant since I was four and even after living in Brooklyn where good food is everywhere, Grand Panda can still hold its own. ^^

Somehow its already been a month since I was in California and I’m now just getting around to sorting out my photos. It’s mostly come down to “photos with people” and “photos of pine trees” because whenever we’re in June Lake, I feel the need to document every single tree. In another life perhaps I was a tree portrait photographer and the aftereffects of that profession are now trickling into my life today.

This trip home was one of the longest I’ve had in a while (15 days!) and it was broken down into a lot of mini trips. One thing I no longer take for granted in Valencia is just how easy it is to do everything. Doing laundry doesn’t require carrying a giant Ikea bag down the street and hoping you’re not dropping your bras along the sidewalk. Everything is just a little slower and my goals are a little smaller. Go to yoga, get a breakfast burrito from Dinks, eat it on the porch with my dad.

Since my dad retired a few years ago, one of the sweetest parts for me has been getting to spend time just the two of us. On weekday mornings, my mum bids us farewell to go teach the children and my dad and I sit on the porch and read with our caffeinated beverage of choice. Somedays, he’ll go shopping with me if I need new clothes or we’ll take a hike or go to Costco. Then wait for my mum to come home so we can plan the rest of our day together. They aren’t big adventures, but they’ve become really meaningful moments to me.

After a couple days of working and visiting with family and friends, my parents and I packed up the truck and set out sights on our favorite place, June Lake (previously fawned over here and here). For some reason during this trip I had the worst jetlag. I didn’t get on west coast time until the day before I left for New York so my family was extra patient with my car naps and me kicking them out of the cabin living room at 9pm so I could pull out my sofa bed and fall asleep.

But in the ascent from Bishop into the Sierras, even still there is no feeling quite like it. It’s like the world gets quieter and all the problems and stresses of normal life start to make their exits from my mental space. The highway is completely lined with trees and scattered among the forests are cabins that have been there for 20+ years, always bidding their hellos as we pass on the way to fish. June Lake can often feel like nothing has changed, but this trip, we definitely enjoyed the new brewery and Hawaiian food truck that grace the downtown. I use downtown loosely since there is one main street that has no stoplight.

It was a super quick four day escape but we made the most of it — or what the weather would allow us to do. There were definitely debates about if we should continue fishing in a tiny metal boat during a lightening storm or if there were actually any fish in Gull Lake, as the only thing I caught was the world’s ugliest blue gull. This trip to California was a really busy one between still working full-time and trying to see everyone before the jetlag would set in. So this time to June felt extra special being able to log out of everything and just enjoy hikes (birthday resolution complete!) and homemade dinners with my parents. No laptop, no deadlines, and lots of books, obviously.

Then back home I headed into the completely opposite environment of VidCon. I think my boss describes it best, “VidCon is something you only need to experience once to understand it.” And as this is my fourth time going, it can be a lot. But the best part, hands down, was getting to see this handsome bear who treated me to a night at Disneyland because he’s a gentlemen.

^^ This was taken after I spent the morning trying to find wifi (thanks Downtown Disney) and hadn’t slept. Clearly. I look like I’ve been hit by a truck compared to a glorious Churro. ^^

I don’t normally take a lot of pictures when I hang out with Churro because his always come out better anyway. But this IS the latest masterpiece of him after I tried to tell him the importance of owning the Marnie the Dog app. Clearly I made my point.

^^ Love, love, love. This was right before the woman in front of us started screaming, “I don’t like this!” and we were still in the station. ^^

A long post for a long trip, thank you for indulging me. While it started with the worst plane trip of all time (thanks drunk guy), it was so memorable and wonderful to see everyone I love so much. So a big thank you to everyone who made time to see me, to plan our dinners super early so I wouldn’t fall asleep, and tolerated all the texts I kept accidentally sending at 6am. Thanks to the post office people for not judging the amount of books I was sending to Brooklyn and thank you to my family for giving me the best gift of all, home cooked meals. It’s the best gift you could give anyone who lives on their own.

Cheers until December California! I’ll see you and In-n-out before we know it.

PS. “Stranger Things” season 2 trailer is out and OH BOY, I cannot wait.


3 thoughts on “California Dreamin’

  1. Good rebound from your “rut” good photos. Too bad about your moms toenails. Did you catch any fish? Are you British….to call Char….mum? Keep up the good work….

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