Hey Man, Nice Shoes

^^ This photo has nothing to do with my below story but still somehow felt like the right accompaniment. ^^

Do you ever have those days where you’re standing on a street corner and look over and the guy next to you is wearing the same outfit? At this point I like to imagine you’re nodding enthusiastically at the screen and saying things like “More times than I can count on my fingers and toes!” and “Everyday. Every. Damn. Day.” But for those of you who have yet to have this pleasure, here are a couple of the thoughts that will initially race through your head when it dawns on you that no, you’re not looking in a street mirror.

Where did I get this outfit?! Starring at this man’s identical black boots, I tried to retrace my journey to owning this particular shoes. Looking down at my own size 8s starring back at me, I couldn’t help but notice these black ankle boots looked much better on him. In general, as someone with a limited bust, I have the privilege of flip flopping between the men and women’s section of stores. This leads to many compliments being responded to with, “Thanks! Target men’s section, who would have thought?” It’s great but when I have a fashion run-in, it can cause a minute of confusion.

Who wore it best? Alas, in this 9th Avenue fashion face off it was not me. I mean in my defense, winter jackets look good on no one. At this stage of early spring when the weather is yo yo-ing between sunshine and chilly wind, I tend to be a sweaty mess walking to and from the subway. But even my plaid Madewell shirt couldn’t win me extra points today as I soon realized it was hidden well under my teal snow jacket that currently smells a bit like dryer sheets and human.

And finally, how do I walk away from this situation in the most casual, yet quickest way possible? I pretty much prayed that I wouldn’t trip off the curb, break my ankle, and have to be carried (or more likely dragged/heaved) to the ER by a guy wearing my same outfit. But as the light turned green and I gracefully sprinted to the office, I breathed a sigh of relief as my outfit doppleganger grew into a distant memory. That was until I started walking home and once again, found myself standing next to a dude in my exact teal snow jacket and jeans. Le sigh.

Okay Wednesdays, you win this round, but next week, I’m looking for a rematch.



P.S. Apologies but this is a plug but every Wednesday I write a column for the Daily Dot profiling the brightest and boldest female influencers on YouTube. I’ve interviewed scientists, vloggers, beauty gurus, body builders, and bookworms, all of whom are using digital media to empower women around the world. If this is something that tickles your fancy, take a look here or check in on Twitter every Wednesday to see what is coming down the pipeline.


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