Happy Anniversary NYC


^^ This was my Kimmy Schmidt Halloween costume that ended up slightly failing because essentially everyone just thought I was wearing my normal, everyday clothes. They probably thought this because I own and wear all these pieces regularly. ^^

This week marks my two year anniversary living in New York City. The city and I have finally reached that point where people have begun asking how serious this thing is and if we see ourselves settling down together for, like, you know, the lonnnnggg haul.

That’s right, at family events some people get asked about their marriage prospects, but if you’re like me, your conversations are about an ever frustrating, ever beautiful, sometimes annoying, city. The truth is, even three years in, I still feel incredibly grateful to New York. The first year felt like a whirlwind romance with everything being new and exciting. The highs were high and the lows were low, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t help but be enamored. Even I would get lost on the subway or had to carry heavy containers of cat liter home in the rain.

Year two was a little more realistic. It was the year I started seeing a real future here despite its best efforts to keep dating other people. It’s not an easy city to try and make a home in because while you’re setting down roots, your loved ones and new friends are constantly in flux. For me, year two was the year when everything began to even out. I developed my routine, I had my favorite places to eat, I knew where to go when I got sick, or which store to visit when I needed to repair my cat tree. It was the year of incredible growth in learning how to maintain long distance friendships, of hosting my first Thanksgiving, of learning how to budget, take my cats to the vet and keep myself balanced. While the head over heels stage of love might be over, an underlying current of affection is ever present.

I feel grateful to have spent the last two years in the city. It’s made me capable and scrappy, it’s pushed me to take risks and put myself out there to make new friends and even (*dare I say*) go on a date or two. The city has seen me cry in public and yell about journalism, but it’s also given me the space to be creatively inspired through art and music and people. My favorite activity to this day is just walking around New York with no agenda. Grab an ice tea here, a scone there, and take in all the people and places changing from neighborhood to neighborhood. It’s during these walks that I pinch myself most and think … I live there. In New York City. The place I dreamed about since I was 12 years old.

That feeling leaves me feeling proud.

Will I stay here forever? I don’t know to be honest. It’s a really hard place to live and imagine a long term future. But moving into this third year, I compare New York to a good fitting sweater, it makes me happy, it fits well, and I’m still quite in love with it.

So happy two years NYC, I’ll buy the first round of beers if you promise not to make all the streets smell like urine when it rains.


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