The Little Things

This post has been gathering dust for the past month after being passed over for unpacking, and freelance catch up. It all started with a video from my favorite vlogger of all time, Carrie Hope Fletcher. Last month while on tour with “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” Fletcher sat down for a cup of tea and a chat about the importance of learning to appreciate the time between the station and the destination.

Since then, this article about hobbies being allowed to be hobbies and the School of Life’s video (above) have driven home my latest intention of taking time to enjoy the little moments. Ask any of my friends, I’m not the most spontaneous. Hell, unless I feel like I have a firm grasp on all my deadlines and errands for the week, I’m not spontaneous at all. I’m always making plans a week ahead of time, always making a list, and in between the rush to get everything done, the little moments of beauty often get overlooked for what’s lacking in the bigger picture. Mindfulness, it’s a habit I strive for on my yoga mat and moving forward, strive to employ in my everyday life. In the spirit of capturing these tiny treasures, here are the little moments that warmed my heart this week — even in the briefest way:

My cats. I know what you’re thinking, “Good God, could this woman talk about her cats any more?” The answer is obviously yes. They’re the best, why wouldn’t I talk about them constantly? I’ve always appreciated the kittens, but since my move, I feel a new sense of gratitude for finding their sweet faces waiting for me every time I arrive home. I love that even though we have plenty of space in our new home, they both insist on sitting right next to me at all times. I love that Hem follows me around the house chatting about everything that comes to her mind and Fitz takes up an entire side of my new bed. I’m also happy I now remember their birthday (March 16, 2013) and don’t have to take them to the vet for another year.

Treating myself to a full-size bed.

Fulfilling my yearly urge to listen to Christmas music in September.

Connecting with new friends and catching up with old ones halfway across the world.

Taking two hours to break down my yoga sun salutations in a workshop.

Taking a deep breath and accepting that as a beginner, I will make mistakes in pottery and though it feels like it to me, the advanced students aren’t watching or judging. I glazed my first pottery pieces by myself this weekend and then strolled from 47th street into the West Village to absorb the sun on the Westside Waterway.

Cooking homemade meals almost the entire weekend.

Finishing a long overdue feature and basking in the prospect of a clean writing slate.

Learning my dad was going to officiate his best friend’s upcoming wedding. He’s been quoting “Robin Hood Men in Tights” and “Princess Bride” ever since.

Discovering the magic of “Murdoch Mysteries” which I’ll be honest, is probably only being watched by myself and some bomb grandmothers in the U.K.

Making the time to plow through my current read “The Book of Strange New Things” (think “Dune” meets “Time Traveler’s Wife”) and catch up on all my back copies of Glamour. For some reason I can read a book in a week, but when it comes to magazines it takes me a solid month to finish even one.

Taking long walks to pick up tasty treats along the way. Whoopie pies, a funfetti cookie, an apple pie bar — I’ve been eating good this weekend.

Buying a new jug for my ice tea so it will no longer leak all over the fridge and picking up “just because cards” for family. (Note to self: Go make more ice tea.)

Setting aside time each night to read and be inspired by other’s writing. My current favorites: “From He to She in First Grade,” “How Learning to Cook Korean Food Helped Me Grieve,” Sara Bareilles on building a sanctuary in New York, “Skinny Dipping With Grandma,” five ways strangers can change your trip and “What It Feels Like to Die.”


These are nothing revolutionary. They mostly revolve around dessert or how I can acquire dessert, but they each appear as little fireflies when I rewatch the footage of my weekend and that feels like a step in the right direction.


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