^^ Dreams. ^^

I’ve been thinking a lot about spaces recently — specifically my future apartment in New York. Will its theme be whimsical? Eclectic? Colorful? How do I stop it from being cluttered? Is 26 the age in which you stop hanging photos of cartoon animals dressed in sweaters and get real art? Is there another place people actually buy furniture that isn’t Ikea?

When I first moved here, I did not even think about making a home here. Only a month before I had finally bought myself new furniture to fill my L.A. apartment – complete with my first full size bed. It felt like such a big deal. So in the whirlwind that was being offered a job and two weeks later moving across the country, my biggest concern was simply trying to survive the new changes transforming my everyday. Looking back, I feel incredibly lucky to have moved in with someone who is a hardcore nester. I’m talking rugs and frames and wall decorations and furniture beyond my mind’s wildest dreams. I’d go to sleep and wake up to a list of sale furniture that M had pulled out of the galaxies of the internet to make our shoe box living room into a place where we could hold dinner parties. I feel inspired by the openness of her room, her love of her record player, and passion for plants. I love how her best friend’s space is nearly identical with photos she picked up from around the world and pottery she’s made over the years. It’s a quality I so deeply admire and, like cooking, feel hard pressed to be able to emulate on my own.

Their styles and aesthetics inspire me and also, over the last year, taught me how important crafting your own space can be. Especially for a writer confined to the same writing space most nights as they attempt to battle a deadline. In a year, they made me want to dig in roots, decorate and declare to the city, in committing to these four walls, I’m committing to you.


So right now I’m in the process of researching what I see my apartment aesthetic to be. Things like matching a couch to a coffee table and the gallery wall behind it. But more than just finding the perfect bookcase, it seems time to start considering New York City more than just a temporary layover in my career. It’s time to get a full size bed — again.

I see a lot of books, color, and mismatched frames along the wall. I’ll describe it as “whimsical craftsman” if such a thing exists. I hope it is always full of lots of laughter, light, love, and in the end, feels like mine. But if nothing else, it will have this beautiful pineapple lamp because if this isn’t adulting right, I don’t know what is.


Check back every Wednesday for new thoughts, ramblings or cat photos.


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