25 to 25 – A Goodbye to 25



It is the day before my 26th birthday and all through the apartment, not a creature is stirring, not even a cat — mostly because my cats need at least 20 hours of sleep to function. I took a lot of time contemplating how I would spend my last day of 25 in New York City. Obviously a cupcake will be involved but life-size maze? Couldn’t find one. Trapeze lessons? We’re doing that as a team bonding activity in June. So after missing my train to travel two hours to go hiking, I decided to just give into what I really wanted to do: Walk the Hudson, read, and eat a scone under the sun.

While I’m excited for this new year, I would be remiss going into my 26th birthday without sharing this story first.

Last year was my first year in New York and as many babies born around Memorial Day know, most people you want to invite to your Disneyland themed birthday parties will be traveling during the long weekend. I mean, I have it ten times between than those kids who share their birthday with Jesus so I can’t complain. Anyways, a lot of people were traveling and I was feeling a little blue about the prospect of being alone on my birthday when my best friends surprised me with one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. They dubbed it “25 to 25” and everyday for the 25 days leading up to my birthday, sent me a text or video reminding me I was loved. By the end of the month they’d curated a video collection of my friends around the world sending me birthday wishes and in turn gave me one of the greatest birthday gifts I have ever received.

When I look back in my memory box that is this blog, I know I’ll stumble upon these texts and videos saved on my computer and feel the same waves of appreciation and emotion I felt the first time I received them. So to Maria and Imali, the partners behind this gift, thank you for allowing me to tie my balloon to your docks when I feel like I’m drifting. For always getting me an ice tea when you stop to get yourself an ice coffee and buying me lipstick because you know otherwise I’d never buy it. Thank you for following my writing, for listening to me babble about sex education and always taking me seriously when something is bothering me. Thank you for planning adventures and making this place feel like home. I love you always and in all the ways (as M would say).





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