Sunday Was a Good Day

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.40.19 PM

Sunday was a good day. The kind of good that doesn’t come from one monumental event but a bunch of tiny, inconspicuous moments that made the day feel like something special.

During February in New York City, it’s hard not to feel as gray as the daily forecast. They call it the February Blues and you don’t really know it’s upon you until you look up and it’s napping on your 18 bed pillows. This week, I saw the sun three days, each of which was accompanied by a wind that held me hostage inside the Google building until I worked up enough courage and bartered enough layers to run to the subway. It meant no stress-relieving walks and it usually means no days like Sunday. Sunday was a glimpse into spring, when everyone pours into the parks and streets to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

The day started with yoga and ended with me checking two of my NYC bucket list items off: Brunch at The Little Owl which is apparently in the “Friends” building? This is embarrassing but I literally remember an entirely different building from that show so I just kept repeating to Jillian, “Are you sure this is it? It’s not that one over there? Shouldn’t there be a balcony?” And two, the Transit Museum which, bless it, is the history and influence of the New York subway system. Fun fact, did you know public transportation first came to NYC in the 1860s and later, the first underground subway was constructed in 1904? Well now you do, you’re welcome.

It really is a fun way to spend a couple hours — walking through 100 years of subway cars and learning the secret history of 370 Jay Street. But the best part was this “Railroad Landscape” photography exhibit from John Sanderson capturing the world around railroad tracks. The afternoon then melted into whoopie pies, reading “Americanah” in the park, ice tea, and walking home through Brooklyn at sunset.

I’ve been writing in a gratitude journal almost everyday for the past month, listing three small things I appreciated from each day. Tuesday it was the conservative Jewish couple doing yoga next to me, feeling confident in my outfit, and finally not being jetlagged. The Monday before it just says caffeine and cats. So to remember today, for no other reason than it was a good day, my nuggets of gratitude are below:

  • Waking up under a pile of cats.
  • Transitioning my lightening bolt yoga pants from the mat to brunch and getting to wear them all day with my Nikes.
  • Checking two things off my bucket list and then adding eight more things.
  • Having author Kristin Newman tweet about my last post (what is LIFE!).
  • Reflecting on how my writing crush Jillian came into my life (another story for another time).
  • The sun.
  • Walking up and down the streets of Cobble Hill with no need to be anywhere in particular.
  • My mom sending me photos of demonic Shirley Temple dolls and Chinese slot machines from the flea market.
  • The “Aida” soundtrack.
  • My first pumpkin whoopie pie of the new year.
  • Sitting next to a dad reading to his son in full “Star Wars” voices.

Over and out from Brooklyn,

A girl and her cat

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.40.29 PM

(Thanks for the photo M.)



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