BRB, I’m Off to Taiwan


Well dear readers, I’m off to Taiwan today. And then South Korea because I figured it was so close and seeing the renovations Joe has done to his apartment were too exciting to pass up (he got another poster I believe). I’ve got my five books packed and a crisp passport yearning for a stamp to literally anywhere. Last night it whispered to me as I was falling asleep that it was planning to go to Egypt and Scotland with or without me, to which Fitz promptly replied if Passport didn’t stop ruining his beauty sleep the only place it would be traveling to was Riverside.

It’s no longer an endearing fact at dinner parties that I haven’t been outside of the country. It’s met with looks of pity and quick replies like, “TherearesomegreatdealsonPricelinegobooknowyouunworldlynoob.” People usually say this very fast so that they can exit the conversation quickly, fearful my lack of international charisma is contagious.

So I’m off, accompanied by JJ, to meet up with the two adorable bears above. Howard is finally done with his service in the Taiwanese military so we’re celebrating his return to living with hot water and indoor plumbing, as well as the matching haircut he tricked Joe into getting with him. And then Joe, sweet sweet Joe. It’s about time we celebrated the beautiful, full life he’s created for himself in South Korea. I’m so proud of them both and grateful for all they are and all the friendship they infuse into my life, even thousands of miles away.

This is our last picture taken together two years ago when Joe came to visit. It’s been the background of my phone this entire time. I’m ready for a new one.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.39.43 AM

When I try to describe these three men, the best I can say is they’re part of my soul. Which sounds so corny, I know it does, but it’s what they are to me. They’re home. They’re my best moments, my greatest cheerleaders and confidants, the great pillars that accept my mistakes and help me let them go. They continue to open my mind to what friendship is, not only towards me but in their support of one another. They’re wonderful, loving partners, activists for survivors of violence, and best of all, great cuddle bugs. BIG cuddlers. Totally not uncomfortable with cuddling.

So while my blog will continue spitting out random thoughts throughout the week (Saturday and next Wednesday), I will be disconnected from everything that pings and wirelessly connects. Keep it classy world, I’ll see you on the flip side.


(Yes mum, I promise I won’t get an overseas tattoo.)


3 thoughts on “BRB, I’m Off to Taiwan

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