A Beach Full of Resolutions



Warning:’m raining goals and post it notes in about 2.5 seconds so if you’re already tired of talking about New Year’s resolutions with friends, family, or your local butcher, exit and go watch this instead

Did those people leave? They never got me anyways. Hey, thanks for staying. Did my Grandma pay you to stick around? No need to answer, it’s best for 2016 Carly’s self confidence that no answer is provided.

I love New Years — like love love a new year. I see it as an excuse to clean out what’s no longer userful, both emotionally and physically, and set new goals into motion. Always wanted to join a ski ball league? Do it! Want to make a sex positive line of greeting cards? Why not in 2016?


I counted down 2015 with my family at the beach and filled out my new passion planner within a page of its life. It was glorious. Seriously, it’s like combining all the journals and lists I make on a daily basis into one place. Lifetime, 3 year, 1 year, and execution plans — this planner is my dream. I could talk about this guy for hours but my family and friends have kindly asked that I stop yelling, “PUT IT IN THE PASSION PLANNER,” every time they ask if I want to go see a movie. It’s like having a life coach, mentor, and moral compass all in one place. Too much? You’ll just have to evaluate when you start planner-ing.

For the first time since leaving college, I feel content and excited about all aspects of life: My job, my second freelance job, yoga, my family, all my relationships, books, traveling, my routine and routine-breakers. If it no longer brings joy, it’s out. Life is too short.

Needless to say, my planner and I have been collaborating on some 2016 resolutions:


Between freelance writing, pitching new articles, my blog, and brainstorming, I spend almost every night writing. Which I wouldn’t change for anything, I love getting to highlight people’s extraordinary stories through writing. But I do want to change my ability to sit down and focus. When it’s time to write, I want to sit down, nix the procrastination, and start working. That way, I’ll be more focused for a shorter amount of time, produce better work, and have more time away from the computer screen. Other stepping stones include: Setting a timer when I write, reading a new magazine a week, keeping a list of deadlines above my desk, and not overcommitting to social events when on deadline.


I want to apply more reflection in all aspects of my life. Work, yoga, writing, reading, relationships, travel. I have the tendency to overcommit, stress out, and work to the point of exhaustion. Then repeat. It’s unhealthy and leaves me shooting energy in 15 directions and moving forward in none of them. What do these projects mean to me? How they can be more impactful? Do they bring joy? What is the next step/pitch? What did I bring into and take out of today’s yoga class? A little more intention, a little less uninvited stress.


In February I’m stamping my passport for the first time and heading to Taiwan and South Korea to reunite with these bears. I’ve kept our last picture as my phone background since we took it two years ago, and it will be nice to take a new one. This is my HUGE adventure of 2016, but I also want to incorporate more little adventures into my everyday such as trying new workouts/hiking trails and visiting a new New York spot once a month.


Read 30 books.

Last year I made the resolution of reading 25 books and I did it! I actually did it! So this year, I’m raising the goal to 30. I’ve already finished three and would love any and all recommendations.

Be published in a new publication.

The big dream is New York Times. The dream interview is Puddles the Clown.

All the yoga.

Just all the yoga so next February, my mat Alfred and I will be ready to start teacher training.


A note: I’ll be publishing a new blog post every Wednesday (and sometimes Saturdays) moving forward. Upcoming topics include nightmares, bucket lists, being the single person at the party, book reviews, cat anecdotes, and generally unwanted life advice. See you next Wednesday or never depending on how much cat lady babble you can stand.


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