Life Lately According to my iPhone


^^ Starting this post with anything other than a cat photo just seems wrong. ^^

All year I’ve attempted and failed to predict the weather. Flannels when it’s sunny, a skirt when there is an obvious rain storm headed this way, and recently, I haven’t felt bothered to carry around a jacket despite it reaching the 40s at night. So while Fall seems to be taking its final bow, I’m still not convinced winter is around the corner.

The great thing about fall is that it makes me feel that time is simultaneously slowing down and speeding up. There is a collective drive to spend as much time outside as possible before the city’s permanent plus one becomes a snow jacket, and in witnessing my first fall foliage, I can’t help but reflect on this adventurous, amazing year. How has it almost been a year since I touched down here? All that at a later time.

But as for right now, life is:

Writing for NBC, nerding out at Google, freelance pitches, dealing with burnout, and finishing a five week essay class with an NYC professor that is THE most New York person I’ve ever met.

Visits to Columbia to see M in her grad student habitat promptly followed by visits to Thai food and beer.


Rainy days walking through Bryant Park on my way to GenSex. Snug under my umbrella, this felt like a rare moment of solitude in a city where every minute I’m surrounded by hundreds of people.


GenSex and talking about consent until people’s ears bleed! This fall I’ve had the chance to be a facilitator for an anti-oppression, gender and sexuality focused workshop in the city. With our small group (that’s my talented co-fac with me), we spend each week discussing how the many parts of our identities intersect — race, gender, sexuality, relationships, sex, communication and consent. It’s a pretty incredible space that our participants have defined with honesty and intelligence, and quenched my homesickness for feminist/ activism projects. It has also ignited a fire under me to get my act together with Voices, something I simultaneously love and am overwhelmingly intimidated by.


Obviously getting matching shirts with my boss. Should this need further clarification, here’s one of this year’s biggest videos to help.


While at home last month, I had the pleasure of seeing this love. He didn’t even judge me when I asked for a side of hash browns AND bacon to accompany my breakfast burrito and so I told him if he ever got sick and his hair fell out, I’d shave my head in solidarity. Because that’s friendship. His response, “What is wrong with you?!” #friendshiptakework

Halloween came and Halloween went. YouTube was entertained by our very own Jeff Rubin holding a presentation in his Batman costume and I spent a low key night with my friend Jimmy listening to a soul/R&B band in Redhook. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday (ask my mum for more details on that, it involves 4-year-old Carly hiding behind a couch) so having a lowkey, dance till you drop night was all I could have asked for. Plus that same weekend, got to meet the Rohani clan and suddenly everything about Maria made sense.

And finally, just an adult at an adult dinner party. After a long day at work, I came home to find my house filled with Mrs. Rohani’s Persian food, incredible company, and cheesecake. It say it was the best is an understatement.


Until next time, over and out from Brooklyn.



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