Falling for Fall in NYC

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It’s taken me a hot minute to blow the dust off this curious blog and dive back in to putting my long-winded tangents into print. In the past month, my tiny blog and I took some time apart, saw other people, and explored who we were outside of each other. It was for the best, but in the long run, our separation didn’t stick. Coming back together, my blog has shared that it didn’t ever judge me for starting those 11 different posts and leaving them all to grow old in the draft folder without even a shred of closure. So now, you and me little blog, we’re back on like another season of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix.

(Still processing that life-changing announcement above. Will update once I stop running up and down my hallway yelling, “I BELIEVE IN LOVE AGAIN! FINALLY RORY AND JESS CAN GET TOGETHER!”)

Fall is officially in full swing here in NYC and as a simple California kid from a small desert town, I believe this season has surprised me the most. Call me naive, but the fact that fall has freezing weather that requires only slightly less layers than winter was an unexpected realization. But how will people see and appreciate my animal sweaters under this trench coat and sweater and beanie and gloves? Why is that woman on the subway wearing her snow jacket already and bumming us all out?

But as much as I like to grumble all the way from my doorstep to the 14th street subway exit, I can’t help but be taken by all the cliche wonderfulness that is Fall — capital “F.” The leaves changing, the sweater weather, the pumpkin scones, the necessity to burrow under a million blankets, the bonfire smell that seems to permeate throughout Brooklyn. Fall has the ability to make me walk a little slower and aptly take in the world around me without rushing to my final destination. I know, I know, “Put it in a Hallmark card Lanning!” But I can’t help it! Videos of corgi puppies attacking pumpkins and this Fall business has me in an emotional choke hold.

It’s been just over 10 months since I moved to this city, and though I highly doubt I’ll ever fully get the hang of it, this place fits better than ever. Life is currently a blur of deadlines between Google, the Daily Dot, and NBC Asian America. I’m facilitating a workshop in the city surrounding gender, sexuality, and relationships, while also taking the most addicting/stressful/brain-fatigue-inducing essay class with a professor I deeply want to impress. It’s a lot of reading and formulating pitches and contemplating yoga teacher training, all in the hopes that 2016 will be the break out year.

After months of putting it off, I’ve finally started decorating my room without the mindset of a college freshmen stepping into their foreign dorm room. My parents helped me sell all my furniture back in LA and with the exception of a lot of books waiting for me back in Awesometown, my life seems to be rooting itself more and more on the east coast for the time being. In a weird way, fall seems to have both sped up and slowed down my life, making me contemplate the peaks and dips of 2015 as well as what another year in Brooklyn will look like for the cats and I.

If nothing else, I need to stay in NYC until: 1) I’ve found the best brunch in the city 2) Published even the tiniest piece in the New York Times (Dream big or don’t dream at all the internet cats of the world say) and 3) Visit Sleepy Hollow in the fall.

Over and out my fellow dreamers!


More bucket list items you say?! Well, aren’t you in luck, that’s my next post.


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