Lady Groups and Why We All Need ‘Em

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If we’re being completely honest, I’m not naturally very good at being a girlfriend. Like a girl who is a friend to other girls, that kind of girlfriend.

I’m good at being a friend, I’m pretty decent at being a romantic partner, but when it comes to being a girlfriend to my girlfriends, I’d give myself a B+.

Allow me to explain.

If you were to ever ask me about your makeup, my response is always going to be “It looks great!” because I have no idea how makeup works. Eyebrows, I’m hopelessly falling behind with mine so I apologize ahead of time for not noticing your new curves. My emotional scale is quite limited so I see honest, direct communication as the only way to handle a situation. Nightclubs make me claustrophobic and nervous, and the idea of going to a bar just to pick up men seems misguided due to the loud music and beer goggles. While I will always listen intently to any crush/relationship problems, I find it most effective to call out when someone just isn’t that into you … in a nice way, of course! And also, don’t waste your time telling me how much you like someone, go tell them!


During high school and college, I was lucky enough to accumulate quite a few guy best friends who became the people I typically hung out with. Our big nights would be a pitcher of beer and dinner at Costco followed by a drive to the beach for donuts. Our talks were all action movies, comic books, geek culture, literature, life, feelings, relationships, and like a great pair of Mickey Mouse ears, this fit me like a glove.

But as I’ve gotten older and my best friend list has expanded, I’ve realized that every woman — even the most whimsical tomboys like myself — need a group of ladies to call their own. Lucky for me, these two above find my weirdness endearing and it’s because of them, I’ve come to understand all the reasons (as listed below) that girl groups are pretty goddamn awesome.

Carly Christine’s Reasons Why Girl Groups are as Necessary as Ice Tea

They will not only support your habit of reading celebrity gossip, but join in with just as much intensity.

They alert you to all the best sales in all the best places including but not limited to: Madewell, Gap, Anne Taylor LOFT, Steve Madden, Everlane, Paper Source, Anthropologie, DNA Shoes. They will then ask you to show them all your purchases which you will come to love deeply.

They never say no to joining you on the dance floor or to going shoe shopping with you.

They can go from talking about the most hilarious BarkBox instagram caption to a debate about if we should consider supporting Amazon in the wake of the New York Times expose.

They understand — and now so do I 🙂 — the power of lipstick and a fresh manicure.

They can quote “Save the Last Dance” on command and are never too busy to sing a little Whitney Houston with you in the living room.

You can share your awkward date/crush stories and they’ll not only listen with attention, but commiserate about their similar situations as well.

When you say the words “Annual Breast Exam” they don’t leave the room in a mad panic.

Chances are that romantic comedy was also calling their name from the movie theater for this Friday night.

They’ll take your speculations about the “How to Get Away With Murder” season premiere just as seriously as you do.

Their pep talks are always personal and on point.

They’ll help you define your style mantra and then implement it every time you go shopping together.

They won’t mock you for sending them messages reading “Does this jumpsuit make my chest look less like a prepubescent boy’s?”

But mostly, they’ve taught me that the power of the girlfriend group lies in the differences and quirks that each of us bring to the table. My ladies are badass bosses that are changing the world through education, medicine, sexual assault prevention, yoga, philanthropy, human rights, healthy relationships, writing, and by living fearlessly and refusing to ever settle for anything less than their dreams.


Cheers to all you bears, thanks for making my life that much richer.



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