Saying Yes, Weekends, and Weird Compliments


^^ The nugget. ^^

This weekend was all about doing nothing and everything all at once. With the apartment to myself for a short time, my mind pretty much went into  hermit mode as I began making a to-do list that read: Walk from work to Brooklyn on Friday night, finish two magazine pitches, venture into the city, bake, drink more water, cuddle with kittens, ditch any human plans to cuddle with kittens, stop wearing a shirt while writing, see “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and then pretend to be a spy for the rest of the weekend.

And let me tell you, all these plans turned out fabulously and gave my brain plenty of time to organize the hodge-podge of thoughts constantly fluttering around up there that have no real importance to anyone but me.


And not to brag, but I also attended a mad hatter celebration of the 150th birthday of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was a very classy affair, complete with myself and a room of other strangers who dragged themselves through New York summer heat to see Lewis Carroll’s handwriting in person. And nerd bonus! The original Alice’s Adventures Underground, the first text Carroll gave to Alice Lindell in 1862, was on display! I saw it! I SAW IT! Bibliophile heart be still, if this didn’t put me over the edge, getting to see one of the remaining Gutenberg bibles in the Mason Library did. I hence recovered by sitting on the library’s 6th avenue steps reading a profile on Amy Schumer and trying to befriend all local dogs walking past.



These past few weeks, I’ve been challenging myself to say “yes” more — which seems like it would be super easy, right? Well as it turns out, I have the heart a 97-year-old fisherman and stick to my routines like Celine Dion sticks to the high notes.

(My original challenge was to put some effort into my appearance everyday for work, but then I realized who am I trying to impress here, that puppet of Salad Fingers? Please.)

Though this weekend was pretty much just me saying yes to my own plans, what I did learn was how often I make excuses to avoid things that make me nervous or seem even a little out of the way. Despite me always having a great time when I’m out, my first instinct is to convince myself that I’ll be too tired/behind with work/awkward if I attend this social gathering and should just reschedule to the next week. But if I keep doing this, I’ll miss out on all the adventures and people and memories this city has to offer.

And an even bigger lesson learned, if I had pulled a “Carly” last week, I would have never: 1) Had a wonderful night dancing my heart out to disco music at Brooklyn Bowl and 2) Received one of the best/oddest compliments of my life.

So here I am waiting for my drink, with my lipstick on point and my go to leather shorts acting like a best friend, when I start chatting with a girl at the bar.

Girl: Wow, you look like you could be in a music video.

(Wow, who doesn’t want to hear that?! That’s the nicest thing ever uttered, thank you random stranger.)

Me: That’s so nice, thank you so much. I did put a whole 15 minutes into this look because I wanted to make a good impression on my best friend’s college friends and she told me I could wear any more shirts with cartoon cats on them to bars.

(I then continue to steal cherries from behind the bar to add to my drink.)

Girl: Yeah, I’d watch you for three to five minutes.

Me: … thank you? Well, uh, this has been nice, I’m just going to … yep … alright … good day to you ma’am. Good day! Wait, I need another cherry.


Because in my opinion, if you’re not approaching going out like Liz Lemon, you’re obviously not doing it right.



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