Today, You’re Enough: A Pep Talk


Dearest Reader,

Today, you are enough.

And if we’re being completely honest — and I think we can be since you’ve endured some of my most personal and awkward stories — you’re more than enough.

Blame it on being a normal human, but it’s easy to lose sight among the Instagram filtered adventures of those around us of the great things that make us us. And today, you might have let the anxiety of your next deadline or anxiousness over whether you’ve made the right decision concerning [grad school/not going to grad school/ your career/moving/relationships/finding love/being a good friend/dealing with change] be the only things you judged yourself against. It’s one of the biggest flaws of our generation, that with instant communication and gratification, we often stress when we haven’t accomplished our wildest dreams by the age of 23.

I am as guilty of this as anyone. Once a month like clockwork, I’ll lay awake in bed wondering: Why aren’t I pitching to more magazines? Spending more time writing than anything else? Why does it take me so long to jump into a piece and why, after four years working as a freelance writer, do I still procrastinate? Am I actually growing as a writer? Am I behind? Should I be more social? Do people like me? Why haven’t I taken more adventures? Am I a good cat parent?

Then the rabbit hole begins to deepen as my thoughts take me from my unaccomplished — and always over achieving — to-do list to the promises of hobbies I always mean to start and never get around to doing (sorry ukelele!). So I get where you’re coming from when, on any given Tuesday, you feel about two feet tall. Unfortunately, we won’t always feel like a million bucks and the doubt that we’ll ever find someone to call our bowling partner for life will feel more daunting than finding a rent stabilized apartment in New York City.


And that’s why today, I am here to tell you that you are magic.

(Don’t roll your eyes at me!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.20.41 AM

That your love for rompers over pants, your ability to devour a book in a single weekend, and dedication to planting and harvesting a garden in Brooklyn are not only things that are a part of you, but wonderful moments to be celebrated. You’ve received degrees in areas of study you love, moved across the country, raised two wonderful cat kids, traveled the world, made friends laugh till wine shot out of their noses, taken adventures, seen museums, danced till dawn at music festivals, dawned lipstick just to go grab a beer, gotten a killer deal on fall boots, taken leaps of faith despite not having a safety net, and found the best grilled cheese in your neighborhood. You’re kind and funny and weird and spontaneous and perfectly imperfect. I can vouch.

So my challenge to you is to own it. Be your brightest, most authentic, unabashed self.

Own that Muppet joke and the awkward silence that follows, stop apologizing for using your voice to stand up for things you believe in, be honest about what you need in a relationship, flirt without embarrassment, be thankful for all the love your body is constantly showing you, celebrate the fact your socks will never match and all you want to do on Friday night is curl up with some cats and watch X-Files without interruption.

Because you know what, it’s pretty damn good to be you.


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