11 Life Lessons Learned From Living With M


There are a million perks to living with one M. She’s clean, at times she thinks I’m outrageously funny, she’ll show up in my door frame — usually when I’m minutes away from becoming a troll in my writing cave — with a 3PM cheese plate or 11PM popcorn  just because she thought I’d like some snacks. She’s a great cat aunt, provides the best pep talks, is always up for an adventure followed closely by a beer, and manages to stay close to her community of friends and family all over the world in a way I personally admire.

But the best part of living with M is her life hacks that have now become so engrained in my own routines, I don’t quite know how I ever lived without them. And since you won’t have the pleasure of living with her because we’re already decided that in this New York City economy we’re going to have to stay roommates well into our 80s, I thought I’d stop hoarding these Rohani gems and give the world the chance to be as fabulous as my roommate/best friend/frequently-confused-by-strangers-as-a-life-partner.


11 Lessons Learned From M

1. There is nothing that can’t be cured by: (a) A well curated cheese plate. (b) A trip to A. Chang, the tiny boutique around the corner that Maria talks about like it’s our oldest friend. (c) Wine. All the wine. (d) Slow drip coffee and sometimes (when we’re getting a little crazy) a Dough donut. Cinnamon sugar. Obviously.

2. For a little extra pep in your nightly face washing routine, refrigerate your face lotion. Trust me, this has changed my entire face washing game!

3. Sometimes you just need to stand in front of a beautiful mural, throw on some lipstick, and start a photoshoot for the gram. Do it for the gram or don’t do it at all.

4. When a food craving sets in, sometimes the only way to address it is lay on the floor and yell to the heavens, “Where is the pho?! WHERE IS THE PHO?! This is FAN-PHO-KING-tastic NYC!”

5. One thing does not define you. You can love makeup and still be a strong, outspoken feminist; binge watch Friends in between conversations about international human rights; be beautifully emotional; believe in love as well as the sarcastic nature of New York City.

6. Make traveling a priority.

7. Soyaki sauce is the perfect compliment to literally anything. Rice, chicken, veggies, edamame and feta cheese salads, eggrolls, noodles, scones — the list goes on.

8. Throw your bread in the freeze for a longer shelf life and then – BAM! – throw it in the toaster and not only will it not explode, but it will also cook like unfrozen bread.

9. Sometimes the only thing that needs to be said in a pep talk is, “You have an ass that won’t quit. Now get out there and conquer the world!”

10. Plants are harder to care for then cats. In my opinion, plants are much too temperamental, although they don’t fill every square inch of your apartment with hair so that’s a plus.

11. Be brave. It can anything from the tiny accomplishments — being in the front row of yoga, going on a date, rocking red lipstick — to moving across the country with just a suitcase and a dream. But never stop growing and trying anything and everything. Including beers at bars, you can always ask for a taste test. Just remember that.


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