Summer Bucket List 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.09.23 PM

^^ More on our Coney Island adventure later, but seriously, look at all this space?! ^^

There are few things I love better than a good, well-organized, multi-colored list — especially when that list is dedicated to only fun things like “Read for pleasure” or “Eat cupcake to stay healthy” instead of “Pull all-nighter to get ‘Bullying on YouTube’ piece done” or “Suck it up and actually do your hand wash so your room stops smelling like a barn.”

So in an effort to not let summer completely pass me by and to pay homage to this woman whose blog inspired my entire entry, I give you my summer bucket list 2015 edition written mostly for the fact that I already know I’m going to lose the notebook these are written down in.

CC’s Summer List for all You Attempting to Avoid Your Work Responsibilities and Looking for a Quick Read

1. Watch Walle on the Intrepid and Clue under the Brooklyn Bridge. Seeing my favorite movie of all time under the New York skyline, yes please.

2. Start a journal because that it’s cheaper than therapy.

3. Go hiking outside of the city or just step outside of the city in any capacity.

4. Visit Governor’s Island.

5. Journey to the Frank Sinatra exhibit at the New York Public Library before it closes and I have to forever live with the guilt of not making time, in eight months, of support the man who beautifully sang “New York, New York.” And should this be accomplished early on, visit the Alice in Wonderland exhibit.

6. Take one dance class. Then, take one rock climbing class. Then drink a beer.

7. Plan Prospect Park picnic.

8. Learn to code! ACTUALLY LEARN TO CODE!

9. Read Are You My Mother? and Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchmen, a novel whispering to me from my nightstand every time I turn off the lights to go to sleep. But I can’t abandon John Irving’s Cider House Rules before its completion! Novel monogamy is something I feel strangely strong about.

10. Grab tickets for Hedwig and the Angry Inch* (preferably before that dream boat Darren Criss hands his eye shadow and high heels over to Taye Diggs) and Fun Home (a graphic novel I fully recommend everyone read).

*Upon further investigation, it seems Taye Diggs has already taken over as Hedwig. I will have to meet Darren Criss another way.

11. Dress up room with hip bookshelves (yes, I said hip because that’s obviously the most important quality furniture can have), a curtain so I can finally write without pants, and multicolored lights. Then proceed to clean out under the bed storage and expand gallery wall.

12. Try Brooklyn Inn bar so I can stop telling Maria every other day:

C: “Hey, you know what I’d really like to do? There is this place called Brooklyn Inn bar on Dean that looks really neat, we should totally go.”

M: “… You realize you’ve said this idea to me 167 times since we’ve moved in, right?”

She thanks her lucky stars everyday to be living with a babe like me.

13. Get nails painted at least once and see Trainwreck.

14. Enjoy a rooftop happy hour at the MET.

15. And lots of this:


And all of this:


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