Your Disneyland Survival Guide [Part II]

Looking for more Disney information? Say no more!

While my Disneyland Survival Guide: Part I took you through a step by step list of how to approach a day at Disney, this second part is intended to share the little random nuggets of Disney wisdom I’ve picked up over the years. Now, I know what you’re thinking, How is there more to talk about here?! Oh There. Is. More. So take these five pointers and use them to become the ultimate Disney expert, or to impress ladies.

All I’ll say is you’re welcome in advance.


1. The Haunted Mansion and tonsil hockey.

The Haunted Mansion is the make out capital of Disneyland. No longer under the watchful eye of their chaperon, junior high kids find this ride to be four minutes of uninterrupted romance. But before you follow their example and start swapping spit, I want you to remember this. Throughout the years, hundreds of people have attempted to sprinkle their loved ones’ ashes throughout the ride. So in that dune buggy, it’s not just you and your soul mate, but you, your soul mate, and someone’s dead grandma. Still in the mood for love?

2. There is a real human skull in Pirates of the Caribbean!

How cool is that?! While Jack Sparrow continues to get the most attention throughout the ride, it’s the infamous skull that really deserves the spotlight. When Pirates originally opened, numerous human skulls littered the ride, but over the years, almost all have been swapped out for props. Except one. On the headboard in bedroom sits the last real human skull in Disneyland. So give a wave to someone’s Uncle Ed or cousin Sally as you float by because in my opinion, they’re living the post mortem.

3. Roger Rabbit is an untapped treasure after 6PM.

Wait until all the tiny boppers go to sleep and then slip into Toon Town for one of the park’s greatest gems. The Roger Rabbit ride is amazingly fun, but it’s the interactive line that always warms my little Disney heart. The line was the first of its kind to be installed in the park and has since led to line interactions within Autophia, Buzz Lightyear, and Toy Story in California Adventure. It’s a way of walking through the movie and all the little details will make 30 minutes seem like nothing.

4. Learn the shortcuts.

This will make your life ten times easier when the parade watchers start piling up and blocking every available walkway around Main Street. There are paths connecting Thunder Mountain to Fantasyland to the  Matterhorn and into Tomorrowland. There is also the train that will carry you to every area of the park and if you’re lucky, and ask nicely, you might even be able to can ride in the tender seat next to the conductor.

5. Stay to watch the fireworks.

There is something weirdly emotional about the fireworks shows. Between the films being played on the castle and the music and the sometimes the snow, this show always makes my heart nearly explode with happiness. It’s the Hallmark card of experiences that always hits me just right. As for the parades, I usually use that time to beat the crowds and go on rides. But the Fantasmic! spectacular cannot be missed. It will make you cry like a small child because it’s possibly the most magical thing in the world.

Now go forth and have the best Disneyland day EVER! And report back with any tips and tricks of your own. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go walk through the streets of Brooklyn in my Mickey ears.





2 thoughts on “Your Disneyland Survival Guide [Part II]

  1. A meet and greet with Micky. Steve & I usually make our traditional pilgrimage to Disneyland, end of November/early December. Visiting the park on Wednesday thru Friday (never a weekend). One visit we found ourselves wondering Toon Town, (early evening after little guys are gone, right before they close that section). We decided to walk thru Mickys house. Weaving our way thru the small rooms , coming to a large empty room with turn gates (for the day time crowds). A door opened and a Disney employee asked us if we were ready? (For what we thought?) Motioning for us to follow them through a door. Where was this magical door taking us? Down a hall, thru a maze, Again we were asked if we were ready? For what???The last door opened, and there he was Micky. Waiting just for us (so we thought)…we were positioned next to him, hugs were given, pictures were taken (by the Disney photographer and on our own personal camera). It was so surreal. No one else there, except Micky, us, and the Disney employees. We left Mickys house shaking our heads, wondering what just happened. Have others had this magical moment with the all mighty Micky? The following year we went back, pretty much the same scenario, only having to share our Micky moment with 4 others. This is now part of our Disney tradition. We laugh at the thought of having to wait in line on the common streets of Disneyland. It’s like we know we will have our own VIP moment at the end of the day.

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