To All the Girls Who Wear Oxfords to a Bar


To all the girls who aren’t quite your typical “girlie girl,” who spent their childhood solving mysteries, climbing trees and getting mud on their Easter dresses, and who voluntarily fill their Wednesday nights with Twin Peaks and Broad City instead of visits to their local bar: You’re different, embrace it.

Here’s the thing, it’s hard to completely stop worrying about how people perceive you. It’s a learning process, finding confidence in your quirks, especially at new jobs or when meeting new people. But it’s the little things that make us us, that are the things worth celebrating and often times, they become the things that endear us to people the most.

I’ve always prided myself on being a little always outside the box. Harry Potter references, unlimited supplies of animal sweaters, Paul Frank rain boots, obsessions with old school detective shows, permanently stained mugs from continual ice tea consumption, choosing sleep over makeup, endless reruns of James Bond and comedy movies created long before I was born, seeing my large nose as the perfect glasses holder instead of a flaw, shopping in the boy’s section for sweatshirts, and making literature jokes in staff meetings — I can’t help it, all these things make my nerd heart soar.

So what if flirting confuses me! I can make the most kick ass lemon bars and play a decent game of croquet. Sure, I could put in an extra 45 minutes getting ready to go out or I could throw on those jeans that hug me just right and spend those 40 extra minutes reading a comic book! I’ve learned it’s okay to be silly, to laugh at my own jokes when no one else is, and most importantly to really laugh at the things I find outrageously funny. And I hope you always do the same. One of my great wishes for all women, myself included, is that each of us grow confident and comfortable in our own skin. I’m talking real comfort, the kind of comfort that comes with adventures and imperfections and self-care. I hope that we stop questioning the things that bring us joy and stop changing our tastes, passions, and dreams because we think other people will find them weird. We could all strive to be a bit more weird if you ask me.

So to the girls whose Muppet jokes go right over there coworkers’ heads, who don’t mind going to the movies alone and take pride in their independence; to those who can kind-of do a push up, and make a dance party wherever they go, I’m asking you to please never change. You’re the best, so stay true to you.


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