How Kimmy Schmidt Became My Soul Animal

^^ I don’t doubt Kimmy and I would both rock these sacred ’90s moves. ^^

If you haven’t started watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I insist you close this blog right now and go binge watch the entire first season. Seriously, the rest of this blog isn’t going to make sense to you anyway so you might as well keep procrastinating on that deadline/test/essay/bill paying/planning your best friend’s birthday party, and treat yourself to a little Kimmy time.

Once in a blue moon, a show comes along that speaks directly to my soul: Sex and the City, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Psych, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and most recently, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The show follows the hilarious misadventures of Kimmy Schmidt, a 20-something trying to rebuild her life in New York City after years of being forced to live in a bunker by Jon Hamm. Kimmy is lovably awkward in every situation, believes the best in people, and more importantly, seems to keep smiling despite all the air conditionings New York City tries to drop on her. There is so much I love about this show, including Kimmy’s inspiring dance moves (example above) and the conversation she inspires about street harassment after she compliments a construction worker’s hat. After each episode, I’m often left thinking, Oh, I say stuff like that all the time! I also think clubs are the worst and throw my fist up in the air Breakfast Club-style when I think no one is looking and once lived in a closet and believe the world is good and Sandra Bullock WILL find someone who deserves her someday!


Since the show has aired, I have had countless people tell me I remind them of Kimmy, which to me, is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received (Although my dad did ask me, “Is that a compliment?” Yes Dad!). Truth be told, aside from red pandas, I’ve come to see Kimmy Schmidt as my soul animal. And if we had a day together in New York City, here is how I imagine it playing out.

First off, we’d start by eating a stack of waffles and a tower of pancakes at Toms in Brooklyn. Extra sausage and fries for obvious health reasons. Then we’d head off to the zoo to cheer on the red pandas and have life talks with the lions. Then dumplings or burgers or pizza would be in order and a Harry Potter scavenger hunt through the Natural History Museum (I’d obviously win because Kimmy was in a bunker at the time the books were published). Maybe a tea and cupcake break for good measure, where upon I’d like to meet Kimmy’s boyfriend. I’d actually just like to meet the actor Ki Hong Lee who plays her boyfriend because who wouldn’t want to meet that handsome man? The night would obviously end with us watching Muppet movies under Union Hall bar, me with a Guinness and Kimmy trying all the candy flavored mixed drinks, commenting, “Alcohol is so … good?”





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