The Places I’ve Never Been

^^ How the Internet convinced John Green he wrote the famous quote, “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” ^^

On a night like tonight, when it’s 3 degrees outside and the wind is knocking violently at my window demanding to be let in for tea, there are only two things to do: Write your heart out and dream about taking month long trips to the farthest corners of the world.

Somewhere like here is what I have in mind. Or moving into one of these apartments looking out onto the streets of Paris.

Is it really possible to be in love with places you’ve never been? Are you? I certainly am; in a crazy, day dreaming kind of way. And this year, more than ever, I feel my pristine passport burning a hole in my desk drawer. Yes, the secret is out, I’ve never traveled outside of the country. I also realize how much this needs to change.

To put it more specifically, I’m find myself constantly enamored with the idea of places.  Falling in love in Paris, hiking and writing for a month while staying in a tiny cabin alongside a crystal clear lake during the fall, experiencing history while visiting the pyramids in Egypt, backpacking to Mount Whitney and the Grand Canyon, running a marathon with my friend in Korea, drinking beer in a tiny bar in Germany, and experiencing the real-life version of “The Holiday” in Ireland.

If I could, I’d propose to these two places below in a heart beat. We’d make our long distance relationship work because sadly, I’m New York City bound for almost all of 2015.

So while most women are using their Pinterest accounts to plan weddings, learn new recipes, or share DIY projects — actual things the platform was created for — I will be continuing to use it to drool over cabins, lakes, and porches I can’t yet afford but know are my destination soul mates. Is it crazy to currently have more of a crush on this cabin below than an actual human?

I vote no.

So to the places I’ve never been, I can’t wait to meet you in person.



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