It’s Okay If …


It’s Okay If …

Every time you talk to a man without blushing you feel like a superhero or  the third sexiest extra in a James Bond movie.

After seeing the sun for the first time in eternity, you mind nearly exploded. Having to wear sunglasses?! What is this!

You own a Kermit the Frog baseball hat. No shame.

You’re in your mid-twenties and still wear a backpack to work. Not sorry, it’s the most convenient way to carry my belongings, and you struggling with those three bags, you know you’re jealous.

You still call your parents with tax questions.

 You had no idea what joggers, celfie, or half of the popular terms in this quiz  are. If you score 100 percent on this language test, I officially dub you a millennial.

Your expert talent is avoiding lines at Disneyland and always knowing where all the excellent pie places are within three miles of your house.

You laugh at all the people posting “25 Things to Do Before Turning 25,” but find yourself secretly binge reading these lists in your bed after bidding your roommate goodnight.

You tell your cats you love them every night before bed.

You had a little too much to drink last night and ended up singing “Man or a Muppet” the entire walk home. That’s how memories are made.

You think you look super together in your new lipstick only to realize it’s all over your teeth. Just all up in there.

You mooch off the free food at work like a barnacle stuck to a whale.

Your definition of the walk of shame is being too cocky during a snowstorm, wearing regular shoes, and stepping in a puddle. Silly human.

It’s not okay if…

You’re not excited for the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre.

You pull out your phone to scroll through Instagram instead of listening to your friend’s stories. I promise, nothing has happened in the social media world that you need to know right now.

You yell at your neighbors. Were you born in a barn? Stop this.

You believe others’ accomplishments mean that you aren’t doing enough with your life.

You let your nervousness of jumping into new groups and experiences stop you from trying new things.

To not warn your friend when their ex arrives to an event, especially if their new partner is involved.

You eat the last dumpling on the table without offering to split it with others.

You don’t find the video below the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.


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