Galentine’s Day 2015

IMG_0006^^ Missing M but she’ll make an appearance at the end. Points to the group for all following Imali’s instructions of wearing “romantic chic” when not one of us knew what that was. ^^

Galentines is my new favorite holiday.

Started by Amy Poehler and brought to life in Brooklyn by my best friend Imali Bear (I’m hoping if I use this enough she’ll make it legally her name), Galentine’s Day is the official holiday in which lively, lovely, loud ladies gather to celebrate each other.

It all started with Imali declaring that this year she wanted to throw us all a party celebrating us. Say no more, we’ll be there quicker than senior citizen at an event with free cheese! Everything was kept a surprise and required only one sangria trip from M and me, which we tried our damnedest not to mess up.

IMG_2966^^ Sangria and crafts, Imali is a genius. And now I have this sweet she- hero candle to liven up my desk and break up my moments of procrastination. My candle included Tina Fey, Toni Morrison, Laci Green, and Madeline Kahn. ^^

There are few events in which I will voluntarily dress up — red lipstick, curled hair, leather shorts — the whole nine yards. Being invited to celebrate this sweet group of women who have made Brooklyn feel like home, and vaginas in general, is definitely one of those events.

For most of my life, the majority of my close friends have been guys, with the exception of Imali. I think it’s a mixture of fate, shared interests, and being a bit clueless on how I fit into the category of “girlie.” Guy friends, I get; lady friendships are what take me a while to sink into.

There is something irreplaceable about having a group of ladies to call your own. Victoria Beckham once said, “I don’t trust any woman who isn’t friends with women,” and I agree to a certain extent. We all need female friendships but the right female friendships. The ones that empower us to be strong and vulnerable at the same time, that make us feel invincible but also remind us to take care of ourselves because we’re only vincible. As women, we need to support and care for each other. While I would never change any of my relationships with my best friends, the greatest thing I’ve learned is being open to being a ladies’ lady as well.

Galentine’s Day not only reaffirmed how important my lady loves are to me, but made me grateful for the group who had made the move to New York a little less scary. These women are so diverse and smart and hilarious and adventurous and creative; I feel lucky to know them.

10959802_10152568592291770_6235605993321674891_nI mean it when I say, these four ladies deserve all the homemade pizza, cake, organic dance parties, and games of Mash that took up our Galentine’s night. So until next year, Galentines stay classy, and I’ll try and do the same.

11005230_1598808377017561_1346187675_n^^ Dancing to “I Want to Dance with Somebody” and ignoring the fact I have sangria down my sweater. ^^

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