Book Club: ‘Introducing the Honorable Phryne Fisher’ and ‘My First New York’

10958524_863554947038982_1477647216_n^^ I can’t take any credit for this amazing photograph, it was all my roommate during our adventure at The Strand.^^

As I’ve mentioned once or twice (or a million times), my secret dream is to be a detective (and part-time firefighter and part-time professional dancer). As a kid, I devoured the adventures of Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Scooby Doo; inspired by the bold detectives who always seemed to have their magnify glasses at the ready. Even now, when I’m waiting for a friend, I’ll close my eyes and recreate the scene in front of me. How many people are wearing hats? What are the couples wearing on the bench next to me? Where is the closest exit? What is the story of the lone man actually using the payphone? It’s the best — in a nerdy, fangirl of mystery type way.

But my all time favorite detective is the Honorable Phryne Fisher.  I discovered her by accident while traipsing through Netflix one lazy afternoon and since then, I haven’t been able to get enough.

For one of our anniversaries, Howard gave me the first three books of the series, written by Kerry Greenwood. The books are witty, the characters well-developed, and unlike some of Agatha Christie’s books, it’s possible to solve the crimes yourself. Set in Melbourne, Australia during the 1920s, the books follow Fisher, a newly instated socialite who chooses to live her life with grandeur, compassion, and pleasure rather than stick to the confining rules of society. If it was possible to switch places with a literary character, I would pick Phryne Fisher every time because she’s the ultimate badass.

Could it be possible that this year I will actually accomplish my New Years resolution of 25 books in a year? It might help that in the snow, there is literally nothing else to do but stay in your warm apartment absorbing all literature.


At a recent dinner party, my friend so sweetly gave me a copy of “My First New York” , which I proceeded to devour on the subway going to and from work. One thing New York does have going for it is the amount of reading it allows during my commute. The book is a collection of interviews done by New York magazine with famous writers, artists, fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians, and personalities all recalling their first days in New York City. It’s a must read for anyone who just moved to the Big Apple, and gave me great comfort that I wasn’t the only one who moved to this city and felt the ultimate mix of excitement, loneliness, homesickness, disbelief, joy, and nervousness. The book made me fall in love with New York a little bit more — which is quite a feat since the icy winter wind is doing its best to crush me sinuses and buff stature to the ground. **

Now go forth and read bibliophiles!

^^ The booktube community is just another reason to visit YouTube daily. My favorite among them, RonLit. ^^

** This is a lie.


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