Life Lately According to My iPhone

IMG_1099^^ After grabbing drinks with Maria and Imali, I walked home in my first real snow. It felt like the ultimate New York moment so Maria and I went to find another drink to celebrate our general fabulousness. ^^

Life is chugging along quite nicely from this side of the Brooklyn Bridge as I spend most of my days trying to navigate YouTube, then navigate the subway home, and if I’m feeling brave, navigate Manhattan. In less than a week, it will be New York and my one month anniversary, and while I doubt the city is planning anything special, I’m checking out my ever growing NYC Bucket List for ideas. Museum, Prospect Park stroll, brunch, yoga in the city, how will I chose?

But before that, and in an effort not to lose these photos in my unorganized iPhoto, below are my daily adventures in NYC according to my iPhone.

^^ Maria and I decided to put our roommate relationship to the test by traveling to Ikea in a smart car the first day we hung out. Visiting Ikea with a life-long soulmate isn’t even a good idea, but M and I made it through with plates, pans, and a bar for our new apartment. Plus, we now have the amazing story of rolling around Brooklyn in an actual clown car and having people on the sidewalks laugh at us. ^^

IMG_0972^^ This is my roommate. She’s the loveliest. The cats love her, I love her, Imali loves her. Here we are in a Smart Car which we are never traveling in again. ^^


^^ Ice tea in the snow, mountains of snow, and a kitten that doesn’t understand where his LA friend Fat Squirrel has gone. ^^

^^ The Google offices are insanely amazing. I keep calling them, “the Disneyland of workplaces,” and it’s all true. There are massage rooms, cafes everything, unlimited office supplies, a rock climbing wall, the most beloved salad man, and unlimited ice tea (that I brew myself). It’s too much for one human to honestly handle. Since I’ve been there, I’ve had the honor of opening YouTube Nation’s gold play button and walking past Alex’s face every other day. Hearing his yells make him feel less far away which is nice because I miss working with him the most. On the reverse, it’s a bit uncomfortable walking out and seeing the lobby lit up by your face. No one wants this! ^^

IMG_1093^^ The bears and I didn’t let a little thing like a snow storm stop us from going out on Friday night. Well … Maria technically pried the rest of us out of the house, but that’s neither here nor there. As Churro wisely told me on the phone, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and be out in the world past 11pm. One microscopic step for mankind, one giant step for Carly Lanning. ^^

^^ My letter to Zabie asking her to be my violence prevention mentor, lucky for me, she said yes. As did my curation mentor Earnest who said he’d been attempting to mold my mind for a year … I was unaware of this. Having two incredible role models like these two is something I’m grateful for everyday and also makes me realize how much I have still to learn in the world. It’s all very exciting to me! ^^

^^ One of my last days in LA, I got to cuddle up with this bear of love who let me vent, exclaim, and feel all the New York anxieties. New York is going to love him when he visits. ^^

IMG_1134^^ Biggest news of the year, Puddles the Clown followed me on Twitter. ME, a simple curator, was followed by this oversized hero. Things haven’t changed so much that I suddenly am not afraid of clowns, but Puddles is the exception to the rule. It might be his beautiful Tom Jones-like voice or amazing pity parties or when he sings “Hallelujah” and makes you cry, but I can’t get enough. ^^

IMG_1033^^ And to play us out, my other mentor Earnest who is, as you can see, one of the greatest humans ever. ^^


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