Two Californians Vs. One Blizzard

1538404_1527427864176924_2015083170_n^^ My street was looking all kinds of romantic yesterday. ^^

There are certain words every Californian will respond to: In-n-out, Mexican food, traffic, sunshine, and blizzard of the century. Weather, we just don’t know how to handle it and like a Brit driving in Los Angeles, we inevitability end up in sheer panic asking our coworkers, what do you mean “be prepared,” what will happen to me in the next 48 hours?!

And though Juno tried with all her might to put on a good show, her blizzard ways did not rock the city as promised. If anything, it awkwardly asked the city to dance, changed its mind, and left for another area. So after a day of working at home — that’s right, that’s two adults and two cats in a tin can of an apartment — my roommate and I ventured out to make sure the city was still standing. Fun fact, it was.

What I learned about blizzards this go around was that all you need to do is stay inside — warm, full of cookies, and spoiled with cat cuddles — and wait for the storm to pass. It’s exactly like the fire days we had growing up, except you can say snow day to practically anyone and they won’t answer you with complete confusion. But if you do have to venture outside, with the 14 degree wind whipping you in the face, best of luck and try not to get snow in your eyes and slip on ice. You’ll inevitability look like a drunk giraffe walking in the piles of snow but what can you do?

The fake blizzard was a good practice round for me and the roommate, showing us that buying a bunch of bagels is not technically preparing for “the big one” (that one was on me), and two, we need to always have more wine on hand.

10706728_996673173694448_2055376371_n^^ Nothing wrong with having the cutest assistants snuggled up next to me all day. ^^

People keep telling me that I’m getting the worst part of the seasons out of the way, and while I can’t wait for spring, it’s quite the experience to live through a winter back east. Even stranger is when I think to myself, “How hot it was today, no gloves!” when it was only 37 degrees. So until the next blizzard, you’ll find me checking off all the activities on my list titled Should I Live Through This Blizzard, I Will Do These Things.

Snow expert Carly Lanning, over and out.

^^ One of my favorite videos of all time. ^^


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