Book Club: ‘What I Know For Sure’ aka the Oprah Bible


Let me tell you something, what I know for sure is that every human should read What I Know For Sure.

Including you Dad! It’s even nonfiction so you can’t say it’s not from your genre of choice. You’ve-been-Oprahed!

This Christmas coincided with my final decision to move across the country. So while my family decorated the Christmas tree with a million ornaments, I was sifting through my millions of possessions trying to decide what few things I could take with me on the plane. At the same time, all the wonderful things people had originally decided to share with me on Christmas were returned for snow hats, mittens, and beanbag hand warmers. All lovely, all not the margarita glasses my grandma had originally purchased, but we’re moving forward from it!

One of my all time favorite gifts this year was a copy of Oprah’s latest book, What I Know For Sure. Mark it up to timing and needing a little perspective, but this book came at exactly the time I needed it. What I Know For Sure dives into the necessary practices of loving yourself, staying present in the now, enjoying all things big and small, and taking time to just be.

No matter how much I like to believe I am a superhero who doesn’t need sleep or should be writing 17 articles a week, this book encouraged me to see this big New York move as a fresh start and a chance to set new boundaries. No more taking on more than I can handle or feeling guilty for spending a night just reading. No more torpedoing my own accomplishments or talking negatively about other people. No more worrying about things I cannot control. And instead, much more celebrating the awkward, quirky things that make me me.

There was one quote that stood out the most to me:

You have the biggest challenge of all: to have the courage to seek your dream regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. You are the only person alive who can see your big picture […] Dream big – very big. Work hard – very hard.

Oprah, I have to hand it to you, you know the way right into my quote-loving heart.


4 thoughts on “Book Club: ‘What I Know For Sure’ aka the Oprah Bible

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