My 2015 Resolutions


2015 is going to be a good one. I can just feel it from the top of my messy Saturday morning french braid down to the tips of my Christmas cat socks (it’s laundry day but I’m still a bit scared of the laundromat so my outfits have taken a turn for the worse).

My perceived awesomeness of this year has become such a passionate point that I’ve actually found myself in arguments over it. “2015 is going to be the best year ever! EVER EVER! Stop disagreeing with me, you’re wrong! My opinion on the year is right!”

And that was just one conversation with my grandma.

I’ve always been all about resolutions and to-do lists and bucket lists, any kind of list gets my heart racing if we’re being honest. But this year, my resolutions were slower to appear. While there are so many things I want to work on, the move to New York has left me with a surreal sense of calm and an overwhelming desire to relish in the “now” of this self-created adventure.

There is something so special about making your dreams come true and with a tiny sense of excitement in our voices, my roommate and I curl up almost every night to whisper about all the adventures still to come. My roommate, she’s lovely, you’d like her.

So cheers to 2015 and the resolutions I’m excited to check off my list come this time next year.

0364d799a07b04de48629be8f191be88^^ Cheers to all the awkward, hilarious, unusual, and strange moments to come in 2015. ^^


Mark my words, this will be the year I am finally able to do crow pose. After like 53 years of doing yoga, this pose — or anything with extreme balance such as a headstand, tripod headstand, that other pose where your legs just flay out to the side — have always been my kryptonite. But this year, I’m coming for you crow.

I see this resolution as a shared physical and mental goal. I want to make more of an effort to stay balanced between work, writing, adventures, friends, family, yoga, and time for myself. Because the more balanced I am, the better I cope with stress and change and all the emotions that come with moving to a new city, and diving into a new job where everyone is super on top of their lives and never trip while trying to open a door to get into a meeting. There is just no way around it, I will always be the tiger with it’s shoelaces tied together.


One of the many things the lose of my uncle continues to teach me is to always live your life with no regrets because time is so precious. The thing I would regret most in life, if it never came to fruition, would be giving up on Voices before its time. I love this project and genuinely believe in the power of storytelling as a way to provide healing, education, and empowerment for others. So somehow, someway, I have made it my mission this year to work on the project in New York, hopefully with a university or violence prevention organization.

Am I extremely nervous it will crash and burn? Oh, of course! Do I sometimes feel like no one will take me or this project seriously? Yes, add that to the list of fears. But all these fears pale in comparison to the sense of lose I would feel in never trying at all. As my hero Zabie Khorakiwala told me in one of our many wonderful office hours, “Gummy Bear, you can do anything, never let anyone tell you otherwise.” And in her work, Zabie has proved this is the most true statement in the world.

Don’t forget to LIVE in New York.

One of the funniest things about moving to my dream city is how similar my daily life still is. I still have to buy groceries, still have a cell phone bill, still have a cat dancing all over my laptop, still have piles of laundry taking over my closet, and still want to end my day with nothing more than cat cuddles and an amazing book.

So it is my resolution not to forget that I live in New York City and have museums, parks, performances, breweries, weird fusion exercise classes, coffee shops, bridges, and every restaurant imaginable at my finger tips. So let the adventures start … right after my couch is delivered and I can leave my apartment again.

The little things:

  • Read 25 books this year in honor of my 25th birthday. Preferably ones about journeys from all literary genres. All recommendations would be appreciated, except anything by Charles Dickens. I didn’t spend four years getting two BAs in the humanities to read Charles Dickens again for pleasure. Sorry Charles, it’s just never going to work out between us.
  • Try one new recipe a month.
  • Adopt a puppy. Just kidding, I wish! There is this corgi on my block I’m just about ready to kidnap, which would be a bad idea since I live next to a police precinct. But my actual resolution is to convince my family to adopt a puppy. You’re welcome Dad.
  • Use the phone and Facetime. I do find it funny that this year I went from one long distance relationship to about 27 long distance relationships with now all my friends and family. But in order to make the miles a little less dramatic, I’ve got to just sit down and dial. Or drink more before calling people, either one seems a solid option.
  • Relish in the fact that I am truly comfortable in my own skin. I know it’s corny, but I’m really loving this.

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