A Google Moment

There is nothing more to this post than wanting to remember this exact moment I’m in right now; sitting in a lime green wooden chair, looking from Google’s 11th floor at the snow falling on the skyline below. This entire move has been — yes, a bucket of stress — but mostly a reflection on luck. How did I get this lucky?

Right when I graduated from college, there was a moment when all my friends picked up, with no jobs, and moved to New York City. I was so envious of them, mainly because I was not brave enough to follow. To throw myself into a void with no safety net and hope that the city would present me with my dream job. I couldn’t do it both then and now.

Looking back, I have no regrets. I see how important each internship and poorly paid writing job was in leading me to this city. Without NMR there would have been no YouTube Nation, and without that show, there would be no year contract with Google. In New York City. With an apartment. Rooming with a dear friend and my cats.

I mean, what!



So before my job actually starts (I’m sitting in this chair watching the snow fall because my laptop is still configuring … whatever that means) and I panic about not knowing anything/getting lost everywhere in the building/staring confusedly at all the tech talk flying by, I am thankful for this little moment.

And this homemade tea I made in the Google cafeteria. This place is officially too fancy for me. I don’t know what I’m doing here.



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