New York Life Lesson #1: Snow is the Rudest New Yorker of All

Being from California, crashing down into New York has felt like landing on another planet. The ice tea is all wrong, I haven’t seen the sun in days, and no matter how many damn layers I put on, it’s never enough. Never.

10895199_760707460672218_1931334916_n^^ The reason I can’t feel my feet right now. ^^

This morning was my first morning commuting into the city during rush hour and to my horror, I found myself missing LA-traffic. At least when I’m in LA, I  have the room and space to jam out to my favorite tunes while simultaneously quizzing Siri with trivia questions. But in the subway — or what I will now refer to as “a tunnels meant for moles” — it’s a jenga of bodies packed together so close there is no room to breath, talk, or think. Before I knew it, my back had developed an attractive layer of sweat and I found myself cradled under the chin of the sweet old Chinese woman next to me.

I can’t … I mean I don’t even enjoy hugging strangers let alone snuggling in, butt to butt, every morning on my way to work. And then there’s Snow.

The beautiful little devil that is out to get us all.

Turns out, Snow is nothing like It’s a Wonderful Life portrays it to be. Magical? No. Okay, it’s magical for the first minute it’s happening, but after that, the gig is up. You’re suddenly transformed into a frozen, snot-filled popsicle sliding your way down 5th Avenue looking like you’ve been run over my a cab. Damn you Snow.

So what can we all take away from this post? One, Snow is worse than ordering a pair of shoes that are nonrefundable and realizing they don’t fit. Two, I haven’t slept in a few days because of my new bed/ new apartment/ trying to unpack/ living in an apartment that is ridiculously hot all the time. And three, this city is truly amazing … even though sometimes it gives me a run for my money.



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