The Time Kim K Broke Christmas

IMG_0890^^ Caught her bragging about this ornament on the phone with my cousin. Success. ^^

Since booking my ticket for New York, I’ll be the first to admit my emotions have been a bit all over the place. One minute I’m head-over-heels excited for New York bagels and the next minute I’m quietly sniffling over my friend Amy’s Christmas gift in front of Pete’s Coffee (An experience that ended with her saying, “Wait, are you crying?! Why is your nose so red?!). So going into Christmas, I was already pre-warning everyone, there may be tears, it’s best just to ignore them and move forward! Plow ahead, eat our slices of pie and just let the tears fall right in there!

But if there is one thing that will keep you from crying into all the thoughtful, snow-focused presents your family shares with you, it’s giving your Grandma a handmade, 3-D Kim K #breaktheinternet ornament. Complete with Christmas balls as butt checks and a hook so she can hang it around her house all year round.

I’ve done many things this year that I am proud of, but none even come close to the creation of this ornament. Or my grandma’s sweet reaction. She’s a gem, I’m keep her.

And to my dear friend who printed the pictures: I’m sorry our office manager had to be called after the printer jammed and in the end, she just watched all these butt pictures print with you standing nearby. You went out of YouTube Nation with a bang, am I right?

This Christmas was all the best things rolled into one: Red dresses, family hugs, HAM, snuggling with my Grandma, Christmas tree decorating, excitement over New York, homemade cinnamon rolls, SNL reruns, more ham, pie, the world’s best Chinese food. But even knee deep in my third piece of ham, I couldn’t help but be hit by how bittersweet this holiday was. It’s finally set in: I’m moving.

Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait to have a New York adventure, but leaving all these lovely Los Angeles people — my family, the bagel man from Dinks — behind? That’s going to be the tricky part.

So until the move, I’ll be watching “You’re a Rat Bastard Charlie Brown” for continuous laughs and cuddling with the cats within an inch of their lives. Oh, and drinking all the ice tea I can find.

Happy New Year all!

IMG_0902^^Over the years, I’ve morphed into the exact composite of my two parents — with 50 percent of my dad’s features and 50 percent of my mums. Sidenote: My glasses never fall down though.  ^^

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