The Ultimate Disney Adventure

IMG_0849^^ I thought my face was going to explode with happiness during our two Disney days. I’m sure my dad felt the same. ^^

As a little kid, I was not a fan of birthday parties. I didn’t like the idea of being the center of attention, with everyone staring at you as you opened presents and sang you happy birthday. I know, I was a real ball of sunshine and not an over analyzer at all in my younger years. So instead of throwing a pool party blowout (that’s what all the kids did, right?), I’d ask my parents to go to Disneyland. Every year. Until I was about … now.

For my mum and I, Disneyland is the best place in the whole world. We could go every month and never grow tired of its magic. But for my sweet dad, once every five years is pushing it. I think he ever gets tired of how many times I say the word “magical” in reference to Disneyland, but in my defense, it’s so damn magical I have no other language to describe it with.

So after making my big New York announcement, I finally got my dad back to Disneyland for two whole days.

And if my dad going to Disneyland, riding all the rides without complaint, isn’t a sign of unconditional love, I don’t know what is. For two days, we stayed inside our Disney bubble, marveling at the feat that was the Fantasmic show, oh-ing and ah-ing at all the Haunted Mansion decorations, and snagging fast pass after fast pass in true organized Lanning fashion. We had lunch at the Blue Bayou (I know, what?!), actually took the time to enjoy a parade or two, and simply enjoyed the fact that we were here all together as a family.

Getting ready for New York has not been easy for any of us. It’s involved a lot of panicked phone calls, late night packing, and tearful goodbyes — did I mention these were all just me? In the next year, I’m going to be farther away from my family than ever before and while I won’t be able to pop over for a quick dinner or invite them over for pancakes, this trip reminded me how incredibly special and close our bond is as a family of three. And that no matter the distance, we’ll always just be us; those three people who can quote Monty Python lines on queue, loudly giggle on roller coasters, pack snacks in their bags so they don’t have to slow down at Disneyland for food, and simply make each other better people.

Now the only form of amusement park entertainment I have in my future is Coney Island which I already fear will enhance my phobia of clowns. Disneyland, until we meet again, thanks for giving my family a wonderful respite from the rest of the world. You bet your bottom dollar I’ll be seeing you the minute I touch back down in California.

IMG_0866 Lanning family out.


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