The One When I Move to New York

IMG_0438^^ See you soon Brooklyn. ^^

From the time I started high school till now, one of my biggest dreams has been to move to New York City. Yes, a lot of that desire came from binge watching “Sex and the City” and getting lost in Frank Sinatra’s sweet serenade to the city that never sleeps. But for anyone who has ever visited the Big Apple, we’re all in consensus that there is no place quite like it. The hustle and bustle, the parks, the opportunities, the history; it’s an urban jungle that quickly captures your heart without you even realizing.

So it is with all the excitement and nervousness and wanderlust that I am proud to share that I will be moving to Brooklyn in 2015. Like on January 1st, 2015 which means right now my  house is a mess of boxes, Christmas presents, empty bookcases, and one lonely record player that continues to glare at me after I packed all his vinyl friends away. Sorry again about that record player, you’ll be reunited in NYC.

The cats have already requested which toys they’d like to bring and begun protesting our soon to be introduction to the snow. And as a person who has grown up in Southern California, it’s quickly come to my attention that I know nothing about snow. Or even weather in general. Throw a brush fire at me, I got that. Earthquake, I’ll just hide under the table. But snowflakes! We’ll see how that one goes.

With only a week and a half until the big move, my mind is a mix of happiness, nerves, love for my Los Angeles life, and tons of thankfulness. Thankful for this opportunity to work with incredible people, and live in this dream city with a roommate that I can already tell I will love. Thankful for somewhere to live, and somewhere to live that’s only 20 minutes from my best friend. But mostly, thankful for YouTube Nation because without that job, without that team taking a chance on me, I would have never had this opportunity now.

It’s really true what they say, that life happens when you least expect it. So cheers to all the risk takers out there! Our adventures are waiting and I say, it’s time we go find them.

But do I still feel like throwing up on my shoes at the thought of moving across the country? Oh yeah, that’s not going anywhere.


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