My Goodbye to YouTube Nation

IMG_0776^^ My adorable YTN family and the world’s largest wine bottle. ^^

This post has been a long time coming but just like any abrupt, heart-wrenching break up, I needed to go through the stages of grief before giving my beloved YouTube Nation its proper goodbye. Because after a year and a half together, somewhere along the way this office became more than a workplace, but a family. It’s lame and corny, but true.

I personally blame it on the pitch meetings. If there was any place that proves our family status — complete with bickering, bantering, and backing each other up — it was those meetings. Every morning at 10:30am, my team would wander into the conference room, video pitch proposals brewing in our minds, and sit in front of the show’s writers and producers to argue why our videos best fit the day’s show. And as the member of the team whose niche was exclusively YouTube, my videos were often shot down. Hard.

Imagine a beer vendor attempting to sell her product to the Amish and that’s typically how my videos pitches went. What sweet memories.

And being the Deanna Troi of the office, it was always hard to separate my feelings from these videos. No, they weren’t mine, but when it came to many of these creators, I believed in them. I wanted them to be seen by our audience because I truly saw something special in them.

And day after day, as we argued about videos and points of view and comedy, our team learned what made each of us tick both inside that conference room and outside in our personal lives. Gradually, I learned to take everything a little less personally because these people I was surrounded with wanted the same thing as me: To make a one-of-a-kind YouTube show.

Another life lesson I learned was don’t leave your dishes in a communal sink. Also, when you want to give a valiant, passionate pitch for a video, wear a blazer. Power blazers are ALWAYS the way to go.

IMG_0767^^ Last show animal sweater game was strong. ^^

In my time at YTN, I was lucky enough to work with some of the most creative, talented, lovely people I’ve ever met. They walked me through talking on camera, gave me the chance to start my own #WCW and #FF segments, and encouraged me to continue pushing my boundaries as a writer. There is something so special about what this team accomplished because in the history of YouTube, no one has quite curated like YouTube Nation. As a team, we highlighted breaking news, amazing creators, and spent everyday diving deep into the pits of YouTube to find the best video gems. It was the dream job that pushed me to be more creative, be bolder, be louder, stand by my opinions, and most importantly, this job gave me the chance to work with people like Earnest Pettie, Alex Sargeant, and many others who I admire and love a crazy amount.

So my dear YouTube Nation family, thank you for being such an amazing team, for letting me borrow your dinosaur costumes for the show, and enduring my crazy laughter when Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs released a new video. Thank you for editing all my takes when I couldn’t pronounce a word right, and letting me be a part of your social media team. Thank you for sharing your clothes with me, helping me understand how makeup works, and allowing me access to your unlimited packages of gum. Thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of such an amazing show. I am so proud of everything we accomplished and cheers to our next adventure!


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