Redefining “Having It All”


Dear world, it’s time to redefine the phrase “having it all” because frankly, it’s just not working anymore.

I blame it on the “everyone-is-having-so-much-fun-without-me” social media syndrome, because after scrolling through Instagram, suddenly all I can see are the infinite things I’m not doing — like working on my six pack with Karlie Kloss — instead of the many things I am.

When I’m especially unmotivated to get off the couch and start writing an article or just feeling in a slump, getting lost inside the “fabulous” lives of Instagram is both a blessing and a curse. In a matter of minutes, my sense of reason quickly becomes muffled by cries of comparison. Why am I not living in the big city or a vintage barn, dancing till the wee hours of the morning, and traveling the world with my new husband and adopted dog? Why doesn’t my body look like hers and why haven’t I read every book known to man? Why is my life so average and require 7-9 hours of sleep?

Blame it on being a 24-years-old in a generation where social media reigns supreme, but I’m continuously grappling with the idea of what success is, and isn’t, for me.

But the beauty about being a woman in 2014 is “having it all” is no longer restricted to one definition. It’s my belief that you’re succeeding in “having it all” if you’re living a life true to you. And in effort to broaden that definition, here are my contributions below. Because moving forward, I’m no longer shaming myself for the things I’m not doing (yet! That marathon will happen one day!) but celebrating the things I’ve done. Cheers to you doing the same!

Carly Christine’s Definitions of “Having it All”

Making it out the door on time, with a fresh coat of mascara on and a fresh ice tea in hand.

Remembering to send your best friend’s birthday card and present on time.

Cooking a dinner for yourself that doesn’t once involve the microwave.

Getting a fantastic nights sleep.

Publishing an article you’re truly proud of.

Surviving a bad breakup with dignity, determination, and a bit of self-reflection.

Planning a surprise party for a loved one and actually being able to keep it a secret!

Laughing at yourself.

Treating yourself to something truly decadent.

Saying “I love you.”

Coming home to a house full of kittens and Christmas lights.

Doing at least one nice deed a day.

Finishing a book that has long haunted your TBR list.

Investigating every corner of your city.

Committing to the healthy, loving, mutual relationship you deserve.

Taking responsibility for your mistakes but not obsessing over things you can not control.

Getting your nails done, groceries purchased, housed cleaned, and still having a day of the weekend left just for yourself.

Pursuing your dream career.

Failing, picking yourself back up, and trying again.

Now question for you, how do you define “having it all”?


2 thoughts on “Redefining “Having It All”

    • It’s just a suggestion Earn Burns! And I am hundred percent still resentful about the Turkey Throwdown, which I didn’t realize till the pitch meeting yesterday when I started ranting about the judges.

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