Giving Thanks for Rain Days (And Everything Else)

family^^ Our 2014 Christmas card took three takes and mastering the art of cat wrestling to acquire. ^^

In case you’re unaware, the craziest thing is currently happening: It’s actually raining in Los Angeles. If this goes into a second day, our newspapers will all read, “Rain in LA, This is the End!” and our mayor will declare it a citywide holiday just so people will stop driving on the freeway. With the rain, my normally talkative city lulls into a state of quiet and the only thing left to do is enjoy the silence, brew a pot of tea, and hunker down.

I’ll be the first to admit it, rain makes me into a total sap. Blame it upon the wonderful man sweater I am currently wearing, the gray clouds, or having an actual excuse to utilize my Paul Frank rain boots, but in my mind, the rain’s entrance is nature’s way of telling me to hit life’s reset button. Because no matter what happened before — the stress, the mistakes, the frustrations with my job or landlord — all of that is washed away in order to start a new chapter.

Oh man, cheeeeeeeeeesy. Just all the cheese, coming your way. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not because Rain. Is. The. Best.

Wait, what was I doing here again? Oh yes, I got distracted by the ceiling leaking at work and then the rain out the window and then my coworkers trying to guess each others ages and an internal debate I was having about getting more ice tea.

Yes, that was it: 2014, I’m incredibly grateful for you.


This Sunday afternoon, right before heading out to a production of Little Shop of Horrors, Howard helped me put up my Christmas lights. After a bit of bickering about how to hang the lights and the colors and how long we should leave them on and whose tapping was better, I was struck by just how wonderful this whole holiday thing really is. Here, among a herd of kittens and a record player serenading us with Christmas music, was the loveliest guy who wanted to help me make my house a home. And how lucky I was to have that.

2014 is going in the books as one of the most challenging and fulfilling years yet. I climbed Half Dome, helped launch YouTube Nation, continued working with Voices, adopted kittens, moved to Los Angeles, traveled around the country, attended my dear friend Zabie’s weddings, watched Howard become a pilot. But my favorite moments of 2014 are all the little moments that made the year complete: The ice skating trip in Downtown Los Angeles, watching XFiles with Howard over Facetime, continuing to add to my animal sweater collection with gusto, sipping beers with my Dad before Thanksgiving, starting a pinball tournament with my grandma and cousin, fishing in June Lake with my family, taking a Disneyland trip with my mum, good books, great ice tea, making new friends, cuddling with Imali in New York, cuddling with the cats in Los Angeles.

How could 2015 possibly beat all this?

So before the new year sweeps me away, I am taking a moment to enjoy the rain, finish Oscar Wilde’s collection of short stories, and being thankful for all of it.

pie^^ Also, I made this pie and I was so proud of it. Like SO PROUD. Sadly, it was burned on the bottom and people only believed it was brown sugar for so long. ^^


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