It’s Okay If …


It’s okay if …

The biggest highlight of your day was finding the last baby pumpkin pie in your pantry. Really, is there anything that could have topped that?

You can’t hide your emotions.

You just referenced your cats in conversation like they were a people and didn’t even notice.

The last conversation you had with your mum was solely about pumpkin pancakes.

You plan your schedule around Los Angeles traffic. Sorry, can’t go to that movies, that’s rush hour, and I’m not a madwoman.

The closest thing you’re getting to exercise this holiday season is a brisk walk through the black Friday sales.

Your grandma gives you wine toppers because you’re somehow the only person she knows who drinks. Um … yes please!

You feel as though following Lucky’s EIC Eva Chen’s Instagram somehow makes you more fabulous.

Besides spending time with family, the thing you’re looking forward to most on Thanksgiving is ham. Just all the ham. This is one of the few holidays to ham it up so do it right or don’t do it at all.

You stay home from work when you’re actually sick. Seriously, no one wants your germs!

Try as you might, you can’t crack into the fandom of Dr. Who.

You couldn’t help but yell at the winter finale of “How to Get Away with Murder.” I knew that voicemail wasn’t for real!

Your last big purchase was a 2015 Moleskine planner and cat food. Treat yo self.

If you’re already making your new years resolutions for 2015. You’re just being prepared for the greatness that is a new year.

It’s not okay if …

The stress in your life gives you tunnel vision and you forget to be there for everyone else around you too.

You blow someone off for better plans. That decision, including the guilt that follows, is never in your favor.

You aren’t listening to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s new song “Uptown Funk” on repeat.

You refused to bring anything to Thanksgiving. What, really? Too good to make a pie? I call foul!

If you don’t match your socks to your cats.




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