New York Dreamin’ [Part 1]

IMG_0448_2^^ One of my favorite views from the trip. Mostly because it involved cuddling with Imali to avoid the wind chill and ended with us eating dumplings and funfetti cookies in Manhattan. ^^

New York, I am desperately missing you right now. Well, missing Imali the most but New York you’re coming in quick second. Mostly, I can’t help marveling at the fact that we parted ways over three weeks ago! How has that much time already passed between me getting lost in all your venues of public transportation and now?

I first started planning this trip to New York during the summer and like any crazy adventure, couldn’t believe it was actually happening until I was sitting in Imali’s Brooklyn apartment, at 6:30 in the morning, on a Saturday. The trip was perfect, achieving just the right balance of best friend bonding, autumn ogling, relaxation, and solo adventures around the city. With Imali working during the week, I’d set out each day with a destination in mind and throughout the day, simply wander around the city with no schedule demanding my attention.

I don’t like to brag, but I did take myself on some pretty great dates! A lot of “treat yo self!” was uttered as I bought myself every dessert I came across.

IMG_0495_2^^ I could start everyday with a walk through Manhattan. Los Angeles, time to step up your game. ^^

On my NYC list of accomplished adventures: Central Park, Prospect Park, MOMA, If/Then the muscial, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the International Photography Museum, Tribeca neighborhood, 30 Rock — thanks to Traci Lee –, the Conde Nast building, and the NY Public Library. I could spend hours chatting about each place — rambling on about the beautiful things each museum held, the emotions the 9/11 Museum elicited from each attendee (Warning: You’ll cry. Hard.), the fun of sitting front row balcony to watch the amazing Idina Menzel blow the roof off — but my favorite moments were all the quiet moments that seemed to find me in the crazy chaos of New York life.

The long walks through the city watching all the fashion and life rush by; figuring out how the subway worked; walking miles and miles everyday; eating grilled cheese and apple cider donuts in Bryant Park; sitting down for the world’s best pie, reading Oscar Wilde, and listening to local seniors gossip; spending hours in Central Park reading and exploring every path; absorbing all the fall the city had to offer; treating myself to one ice tea after another; and at the end of everyday, getting to go home to my best friend.

Seeing Imali in the city, it was one of those proud moments you feel watching someone you love growing into the best version of themselves. City life is not easy and in many ways, I do not envy the hustle and bustle she constantly has to deal with. But after eating the tastiest Brooklyn bagels everyday and being able to walk everywhere, I admit, I wouldn’t hate living in New York. For one, I would actually get to live on the same coast as my best friend so that would be a real treat.

When it comes to Imali and I, time never seems to pass in between our visits. We still find the same things funny, still crave the same foods, at the same time, and still somehow know what the other is always thinking. In the first hour we’re reunited, there is a passionate need to spill all the secrets from our time apart, until we’re both on the same page, surrounded by the unconditional love of the other. With each visit we’re a little different, growing into the people who hope to be and being molded by the adventures our separate coasts have offered us. But at the end of the day, we’re still the fate mates who met in 4th grade, became best friends in 7th, and now, would be a little lost without each other.

IMG_0606_2^^ This is how much I love my best friend. ^^

PS. For my Part Two New York post, I’ll only be talking about parks. So you’re welcome in advance.

PPS. Seriously, how fancy is my best friend?



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