The Changes of Fall

IMG_0324 ^^ Fall? Is that you? ^^

The verdict is in, it’s officially fall, the best season of all! It’s the time when Los Angeles begins its descent into cooler temperatures and my boots, scarves, and sweaters rotate to the front of the closet. This year I’ve treated myself to a zooful of animal sweaters including (but not limited to) foxes, cats, rabbits, horses, giraffes. This collection has become one of my greatest accomplishments, besides raising my cats to have manners.

This fall has brought with it a slew of changes, which in the past I’m not the best at dealing with. Just to give you a perspective, with each life change usually follows a freak out call to my mum, a bit of personal confusion, and a need to run until everything is figured out. But this time around, both personally and professionally, I’m looking change right in the face and finding the silver lining. About time right? The easiest thing to do in these situations is complain and in the spirit of fall and evolving as a human being, I’ve decided to cut the complaining, gossiping, and nay saying out of my life.

As a young professional, it’s a slippery slope from being passionate about your job to being completely consumed by it. Checking emails after work, finishing an article off the clock, or continuing to make to-do lists in your head before you fall asleep. As my dad reminded me this week: Work is work. Don’t take it home with you. So for me, this fall season is all about finding the perfect balance of friend hangouts, freelance, Voices, family, fun, and work.

My mum and I always say, if you have your pants on then you’re doing okay today. We set the bar low but it also reminds me that some days, I have to give myself credit for trying. Because we don’t have to have it all together all the time, which is something I frequently forget.

This post is becoming a bit of a rambling mess and the man on the side of the stage is getting out the giant cane to pull me off. So go fall in love with fall and celebrate the season with many non-work related adventures. And tea. Lots of tea.

And pie. All. Of. The. Pie.


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