The Ikea Youth Bed

IMG_4352^^ Most the bed is pictured here. That is how small it is. ^^

Many years ago, ripe out of the college dorms and moving in with friends for the first time, I purchased a bed from Ikea. I know, great story Carly! Glad I clicked on this one. Well hold on sarcastic, snarky reader, this is actually a cautionary tale that could save you in the future. Now where was I?

Ah, the bed. So 20-year-old Carly was pretty pumped to be moving out on her own and as part of that, excited to choose furniture for her room. Because she was a poor college student at the time and also unaware of any other store that sold furniture, she headed to Ikea with big hopes and her mum in tow. In that first trip, she found what she thought to be the perfect bed, taking no notice of the fact that it seemed a bit small.

How small you might ask? So small that my grandma with glasses pointed to it and said, “That’s not right.” I’ll admit, I have wondered numerous times about the “twin” bed that I chose because although I’m only 5’5, somehow there is only two extra inches between the headboard and my head. For years, I’ve been rationalizing that the proportions of Swedish teenagers are simply smaller than Americans. But last weekend, on the quest for new furniture and yes, a slightly larger bed, I discovered 20-year-old Carly had made the mistake of buying a bed in the youth section.

Not a twin bed. A freakin’ youth bed for Swedish teenagers who haven’t yet had a growth spurt! The kind of bed you get in-between a toddler bed and a twin bed. How did I not see that sign!?

If that didn’t make me rethink the last five years of my life, nothing will.

So my warning to you all, never buy a youth bed, it will save space but not your pride. And Ikea, I beg you, label your stuff better, for the sake of all 24-year-old youth bed owning women everywhere.

^^ Makes up for the bed situation. ^^


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