It’s Okay If …


It’s okay if

You allow the love you felt for one llama rug inspire the entire redecoration of your bedroom. It was a llama rug and in my opinion, it deserved the best Ikea furniture to hangout with everyday.

You’ve seen every episode of Sex and the City at least 167,354 times and know without a doubt you’re a Carrie.

You still mix up the Lord of the Rings characters. And the Game of Thrones characters. It’s not your fault their names each have 15 consonants, plus everyone knows who you’re talking about when you say the dragon lady. No need to be more specific.

You’ve announced to your friends that they’ll see you in a week because all your favorite shows are finally back on. Now come at me Mindy Project, I’ve been missing your awkwardness all summer.

You refuse to use blue pens. I hear you.

You stand up for what you believe in even if you’re the only one doing so in the room. Trust me, people are listening and without even knowing it, you probably inspired a few more people to do the same.

At your friends house parties, you always end up being the drunk Snow White trying to talk to animals.

You still call your mum before events that make you nervous asking her for a pep talk. After 24 years of practice, my mum has this down pat.

You cry. Sometimes it can’t be avoided.

You start making your Christmas list in January. You’re just being organized and come the holidays, everyone will be thanking you for knowing what you want.

To make a to-do list only to realize you’ve left it at home and don’t remember anything you need from the market.

You have entire conversations with your cat just using meows.

It’s not okay …

To abstain from flossing. I’ll just say, George Washington’s dental situation could have turned out a lot differently if this practice had been around in his time, so utilize it!

Talk bad about people. It’s easy to do but being the great, genuine, trustworthy person you are, it’s not worth you participating in.

To laugh at people when they misspell something. You should honestly be ashamed of yourself.


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