The Case of Jenny LeClue

When I was a little kid, my biggest dream was to be a detective. Scratch that, my ENTIRE LIFE my biggest dream has been to be a lady detective seeking justice for the innocent and solving mysteries as they come. It’s hard to to put a finger on just when this fascination began but all I know is, I’ve got the bug bad. Nancy Drew novels, Clue the movie, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, anything by Agatha Christie, Murder She Purred, Charade, Murder by Death — the list of my most beloved books and films is endless and all revolving around the same genre. So it came as no surprise that I fell pretty hard for the handmade game Jenny LeClue.

Go ahead, just let her name roll around in your mouth and slip off your tongue with the greatest of ease. Jenny. LeClue. A little lady with a big plan.

The game — which is set to be released in December 2015 — follows girl detective Jenny LeClue, whose world is turned upside down after her mother is framed for a murder she didn’t commit. The beautiful game will allow players to choose their own adventure and step into the shoes of this detective extraordinaire. While the Kickstarter is fully funded and the series is well underway, I find myself continually coming back to Jenny and rooting for the game to turn into a trilogy.

As a girl who grew up inspired by independent, crime fighting ladies, I see such an importance in games that allow a strong female character to take center stage. It’s a rare occurrence and something I hope to see more of. I also can’t help but be excited for the younger generation of girls who are about to fall into the rabbit hole of mystery. Soon they’ll find themselves playing “Who done it” games on repeat and suggesting to their friends that playing Barbies would be much more interesting with a kidnapping to solve. In the end, I like to think they’ll be a little more badass, a little more spunky, and a whole lot more outspoken.

So keep solving all of life’s little riddles crime fighters and I promise, Jenny and I will do the same.



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