The Best Day Ever

IMG_0129^^ If I hadn’t started sweating so bad in this, I would have wore this dino costume for a week straight. ^^

Yesterday, I was made unbelievably, over-the-moon happy by the most simple thing: A full body dinosaur costume. And not only did I get to hang out in the onesie for a segment, oh no, after that bad boy was on, I was trying to get as much use out of it as possible. Outros, interstitials, I would have continued wearing it into my #WCW segment but my producer gave me the “too much” look and politely asked me to leave it at my desk.

It was one of the most simple things and yet, it caused me to have one of the best days ever. Yes, you’re allowed to roll your eyes and question my sanity at this point. I’m sure my mum was doing the same thing as I sent her photos throughout the day but in my defense, she should have seen this coming. I mean half my wardrobe is animal graphics and sometimes instead of using words, I like to respond to her questions with cat noises.

This week I’ve been working on being more happy or rather, taking a moment to enjoy my happiness. At times, I’m more caught up in planning the next event, making the next deadline, finding time to talk on the phone or write that I forget to enjoy the simple things that make up the Now. The beers with my dad when we have no where to go and meeting new friends for dinner, running with Alex and sipping strong ice teas, Xfiles dates with my boy and cat cuddles, blogging and finding a new favorite place in LA, and sometimes, even dancing in a dinosaur costume barefoot at work. Each of these are relatively insignificant and yet, they make the most significant difference in how I feel at the end of my day. So if you’re on board, I propose we appreciate more of these little moments in big, wonderful ways.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this 24-year-old needs to go order her own red panda onesie. Yeah, adulthood.

IMG_0124^^ Phil breaking the news that all my friends are dead. ^^


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