Life Lately According to My (NEW) iPhone

Is it just me or has the month of August gone by in the blink of an eye? Not that I’m complaining. I’m all for hauling ass through these hot summer months and diving into fall with full force. Pumpkin muffins, big man sweaters, scarves, new boots, long evening walks — it’s everything I love and more crammed into one season.

But until the hypothetical leaves start changing — because lets all be honest, California has no seasons — I can look back and know my summer has been full of …

IMG_4622^^ Puppet improv shows with JJ. This is probably the only event this year I voluntarily wore a fancy dress for because if you aren’t going to dress up for puppets, who are you going to dress for? Oh and JJ, I dressed up for JJ. ^^

IMG_4628^^ Paddle boarding on the weekends with my family who are much more athletic than me. Seriously, isn’t my mum the cutest? It’s always a treat to be out on the water and away from deadlines and work stress and LA traffic. At the end of paddling, my dad insists we find the tastiest grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches and enjoy them right on the water. A man after my own heart. ^^

IMG_4656 ^^Pine cone hunting adventures in June Lake and loving texts from my sweetheart. I look forward to my family’s yearly June Lake adventure pretty much everyday I’m not in the mountains. At times when I’m stressed or overwhelmed I like to close my eyes and picture myself sitting on a boat, in the middle of the lake, smelling the pine trees, with a book and a beer and the quiet. Pure paradise. ^^

IMG_4761 ^^ The world’s best cat shirts. ^^

IMG_4728^^ Listening to two of my favorite YouTube Nation gentlemen serenade the crowd at karaoke. I myself have only done karaoke once and was a complete nervous mess. So I mostly spend my time singing in the crowd, enjoying a Black and Tan, and trying to convince my friends to start an impromptu dance floor. ^^

IMG_4731IMG_4737^^ All the kitten cuddles a girl could ever want. The cats are both currently asleep on the dining room table without a care in the world. Our big plans tonight are watching  Xfiles with Howard and discussing our favorite comic books. Hem and I are currently knee deep in the adventures of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen while Fitz is enjoying The Complete Sherlock Holmes with the help of his literary mother. ^^

IMG_4638IMG_4634^^ Meeting one of my YouTube heroes Brian and listening to him have a dual with our show writer Miles. We tried to convince Brian to just stay and play the sax around the office all day but he told us he has to get back to his real job. In the meantime, let Brian inspire all your dreams with his beautiful covers and lovely green screen backgrounds. ^^


^^ And finally, one of the best parts of the summer, getting to see Sparky Sweets in his natural habitat. I recently had the chance to interview the team behind the show Thug Notes and enjoy the driveway comedy show of Greg Edwards, the loveable actor that brings Sparky to life (as seen above). Both the channel and the people behind it are some of my favorites and were wonderful sports to the many interviews I put them through. Find out more about them here and here. ^^


^^ That’s all folks. Now I have to get back to my real job at YouTube Nation. ^^


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