Family Reunion

IMG_0029^^ I thought my face was going to melt off from how much I smiled this weekend. My boys are the best. ^^

This weekend the stars aligned and Joe, Howard, and myself all found ourselves in, not only the same country, but the same city for an entire 48 hours. It was pure magic as Howard and I haven’t seen Joe in person for over a year and were starting to doubt we’d ever see our favorite Dutchman again.

Watching Joe run across the street — sleeping bag and cooler of soda in hand — I was struck by how much time had passed and yet, it felt like no time had passed at all. Even writing this, I realize it sounds a bit Mad Hatter-like but the entire weekend felt as though Howard, Joe, and I had just seen each other the day before. There were no awkward moments or missed beats; just lots of margaritas, hugs, laughs about our past misadventures in Orange County, and talks about our futures. There was nothing particularly special about the weekend — besides the fact that we found a vampire den movie theater but that’s a story for another time — except the fact that we were together.

IMG_0035^^ Damn it guys, stop moving away from me! Just let me love you! ^^

I often wish that both the boys lived closer to not only me but to each other. Like a pair of old blue jeans, our group just fits perfectly. We’ve celebrated each others achievements — my job, Howard’s acceptance into flight school, Joe’s move to South Korea — and consoled each other through heartbreaks and embarrassments. There is no pair that makes me feel more loved and safe and happy than these two beautiful gentlemen.

No need to worry, they know how much I love them. I not only tell them all the time but make them give me hugs until they whine that I’m embarrassing them and they want to go talk to other people at the party.

IMG_0023^^ Friends forever. ^^

As for this weekend, it was a blur of Batman socks, margaritas, housewarming/ Joe parties, Guardians of the Galaxy, yelling snarky comments at Lord of the Rings, Polaroid pictures, harassing JJ, pizza, cat shirts, and Westwood adventures. Somehow the boys still decided they had to leave me on Sunday and return to their lives. Well, they technically had to get back to work but I was still offended and sought my revenge by making them take the sweet tea vodka home with them.

Gentlemen, until we see each other next (which will be on skype in a couple days because lets be honest, we love each other too much) I will prepare my home, cats, and liver for our next adventure. Thank you for filling my life with a rainbow of color and I love you both more than all the ice tea in the world.

Yeah, I said it.

IMG_0011^^ I got Howard a super cool cat shirt, and instead of shying away from the animal print, he proudly wore it the entire weekend. Ah, my love. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go listen to Bang Bang on repeat for the next 546 hours. ^^


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