Life According to My iPhone

IMG_4421^^ Lets get out there and go enjoy vacation! ^^

In some lucky twist of fate, YouTube Nation surprised all of us with not only one but TWO days off this week. It’s like Christmas in July and given me the chance to take a breath, run a couple miles, and see my lovely boyfriend. Summer, you’re already turning about to be the best, mainly because of all these sweet memories in the last month.

IMG_4528IMG_4527^^ I believe Earnest put it best when he said, VidCon 2014 was nothing like we thought it would be. And the best part was without a doubt getting to hang in Laguna with my amazing coworkers.

Sitting on the beach chatting with Cyrus, it was one of those rare moments where you feel completely at peace. And then Alex and Earnest got nicely yelled at by the life guard for scaling a rock and it made the moment even better. As for VidCon, I’m hanging up my pass for good. I’m too old to hang around masses of screaming fangirls and get too crazy when I can’t find any snacks. Seriously, everyone else ate all the snacks! Sons of a — but I digress. ^^

IMG_4415^^ Moving to LA hasn’t been the easiest transition but one of the best parts has been being closer to family. It makes it easy to have them over for dinner or pop home to do laundry. For Father’s Day, my family kept it pretty low key and harassed by dad about letting us make smores on the outdoor fire pit. He just wanted to watch the USA Open and kept saying, no smores! It’s not a smores pit! But my mum and I have yet to let it go.

IMG_4399IMG_4451^^ From phone dates to in-person beer pong parties, Howard and I have been seeing a whole lot of each other lately. I had the chance to visit him a couple weekends ago and we spent the weekend exploring downtown Davis and watching drive-in movies. It was the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure for the two of us. Was I a bit sleep deprived and cranky Monday morning after flying in on the 6am flight? Yes BUT I would say worth it. Sorry coworkers, probably wasn’t worth it for you. ^^

IMG_4427^^ There are only two things you should know about this photo. One, it involves some of the loveliest women I know, and two, that dress was forced upon me by the Magic Castle. Turns out these people do not like rompers. Damn them! I was already hesitant about magic before this event — trust me, one bad date with a magician and I’m telling you, you’d be cautious too. But as I hopped out of my car, feeling all cute, the car attendant pulled me aside to inform me that they couldn’t let me in. No shorts. My pleas that these weren’t just shorts, but in fact a romper, fell upon deaf ears and I found myself running around Hollywood looking for a cheap dress minutes before the show. And that is the story of the Tron dress. The stupid Tron dress. So next time Magic Castle, I’m coming for you! And you will let me in! ^^

IMG_4433^^ This may be blurry but it is one of my favorite Earnest Pettie pictures of all time. Should you ever find yourself lucky enough to hear Earnest’s karaoke, I promise you, it will change your life. And if you are SUPER lucky, he might break dance. ^^

IMG_4408^^ It’s one of my greatest honors at YouTube Nation to be able to produce the show’s weekly #WCW segment. It’s a dream. I get to talk about all the amazing female creators on the platform and gush and gush week after week. It’s impossible not to be inspired by these women and I only hope others find them as special as I do. ^^

IMG_4484^^ So happy early 4th of July everyone! Hope your weekends are filled with family, margaritas, and drive in movies! ^^


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