A is for Awesome: An Ode to All the Small Boobs Out There

^^ For all the boobs out there, this one is for you. ^^

Dear My Small Chested Ladies,

Boobs. Am i right?!

While everyone else is strutting around in their bikinis and tube tops, we’re over here sheepishly scanning the training bra section at Victoria’s Secret. For a long time, I didn’t find this very fair. While my friends were looking curvaceous and stunning in their strapless formal dresses, I was beside them simply hoping my dress wouldn’t fall down when I hit the dance floor.

To young me, having big boobs seemed to mean so many things: Looking beautiful all the time, getting the guy you had a crush on, having people buy you drinks everywhere you went. But after many conversations with my well endowed friends, I’ve come to realize size A is truly Awesome.

I didn’t come upon this love of small boobs instantly and for the record, I still hate going into Victoria’s Secret. I don’t make eye contact with anyone, I shop with lightening speed, and get red in the face as I hold back the urge to yell, “I think I’d know if I wore a size larger than a 32A,” as the sales associates try and coax me into a fitting. But sometime in high school, I found myself thinking, forget it, I’m either going to hate this for the rest of my life or love it with the gusto of a thousand suns.

And ladies, small boobs are where it’s at! True, you can’t store anything in your cleavage when you go to the movies or clubs, but it could be A LOT worse. With small knockers, you can run without injuring yourself, don’t have to wear a bra 85 percent of the time, save space in your underwear drawer, and rarely does a store run out of your bra size.

Small boobs, you’re doing A-okay in my book. And don’t worry, I’ll buy you a drink because you’re just as lovely as any cleavage could be.

^^ On a completely unrelated note, the sequel to “After Ever After” just came out! What a day! ^^


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