IMG_3707^^ 24 and proud. ^^

The other day, I made the mistake of proclaiming aloud to Alex that I was officially an adult because I bought plants for my patio. I mean if caring for plants didn’t prove I was serious about being 24, I don’t know what would.

He didn’t buy it.

Way back in the day when I turned 18, I expected to start having “adult” moments. I mean, all the adults I knew growing up seemed super mature, paying bills and complaining about taxes and stuff. And year after year, I waited for the moment when adulthood to really hit me. Sure, there have been milestones — getting my first writing job, finding my first apartment, adopting the cats, supporting myself — but no moment has yet to make it official.

Until these plants. These stupid plants.

So what did they teach me about being an adult? These beautiful creatures taught me that being an adult isn’t about being more responsible or having all the answers, it’s about falling down the stairs, spilling dirt everywhere in your hallway and almost losing one of your cats.

Adulthood. What a beautiful time.

In conclusion, being an adult is a sham. But on the bright side, my flower boxes are looking fantastic!

^^ Perfection. ^^


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