Behind the Recorder: Dormtainment

IMG_4178^^ Missing Cam and Amanuel from the Dormtainment clan. Obviously, Tay was the most excited of the group to take a picture with me. ^^

Sitting down with the guys of Dormtainment is like being given free admission to a traveling comedy show; you never know what candid comedy bits lie in wait.

My first interview with these six lovely gentlemen was in 2012 when the guys still lived in Atlanta and I still wrote for New Media Rockstars. At the time, due to my hatred of skype and my drive to introduce more beer into the work place, my first interview with Dormtainment involved drinking games and detailed questions on how they picked all the extras for their hit video “Ass on the Internet.” A year and half later, the guys has only continued to grow their brand to include weekly YouTube sketches, live shows, comedy albums, merchandise and an upcoming Comedy Central web series. As you can tell, I’m very proud.

And in celebration of our one year anniversary of meeting, I had the chance to interview the guys again but this time for the Daily Dot. While so much about their work has change, at the core, the guys were still the lovable, fast-talking, quick witted group I remember. Tay still embraces his role as “the weird one” in the group, Rome is still the group-identified ladies man, Chaz can still charm the socks off anyone, and Mike is still the only one with Dormtainment tattoo – probably my favorite stories about the group.

Without a doubt, everything Dormtainment does is hilarious but more importantly, their work has presented a more realistic representation of the black community in media. As new Hollywood evolves, Dormtainment will have the opportunity to share their content with more people, and in doing so, they will continue giving a strong voice to underrepresented black creators.

If you’re interested in laughing till your sides hurt or finding out more about this talented group, read on to my recently published Daily Dot feature here. See you at our two year anniversary Dormtainment, I’ll bring the beer!

^^ The video that started it all. ^^


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